Paint everyday yellow 
but leave one for gray 
because you cant be happy 
every day

Put a smile on your face 
but only when you feel 
because it takes everyone 
time to heal.


I am married to my best friend.
I have two beautiful healthy children.
I'm younger than you think.
My dream is to publish my books.
I've grown up in the same town my whole life.
I have one tattoo, but plan to get more.
I love sushi.
I'm a preschool teacher by day superhero by night.
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Description: An infection has spread. Desi wakes up one morning to find the infection at her doorstep, literally. After losing everything that matters to her, she finds haven with a group of people that might not have her best interests at heart. Falling in l...


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Infection (New and Improved)

Infection (New and Improved)

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An infection has spread. Symptoms: Blurred vision, bleeding, insatiable hunger for human flesh. Causes:...

Crash into Me (Little Mermaid Re-telling)

Crash into Me (Little Mermaid Re-telling)

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Talise, a mermaid, has fallen in love with Adam from afar. She would always venture to the top of the s...

Inception (A Prequel to Infection)

Inception (A Prequel to Infection)

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A tape has been found and released concerning a mysterious quarentined high school that burned down over...

Infliction (A Sequel to Infection)

Infliction (A Sequel to Infection)

370K 4.8K 1.4K

When the infection began Desi found Cody and they fought alongside eachother to get to safety. However...

Tyler1Smith posted a message to KarateChop
in the third book you should include a mutant infected of some kind mabey even one of the things from vivians jungle story that would spice things up a bit don't you think
Tyler1Smith posted a message to KarateChop
you know what I'm looking for in a zombie book or movie that has mutant zombies not a lot like all of them just you know a left for dead deal just less special infected but great job your story was more realistic than most you see some of these zombie books and they get stupid fast with the people finding a minigun or a katana or a closet filled with weapons people aren't that lucky