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Hi, my name is Carly and I have just recently seen the video for kony 2012. If you have it seen i would love for you to tell yourself that you didnt atleast once think about helping, if you get a guilty feeling knowing that you did want to help, well that is what im here for. I want to get the word out about kony and i hope there is atleast one person that will see Kony is doing horrible things and help stop him! 

You might be wondering why i am taking this so seriously. Well, ill tell you. I went on a trip to Uganda last year and, you have no idea how horribly bad my heart hurt, i am a supporter of Kony 2012. I will stop at NOTHING to stop this killer. Nothing.  

1. i know i said i will fan back if you fan me, but recently i have been so busy outside of wattpad and a little inside of wattpad that i may not be able to :( so please if you want a fan back leave a comment down below :)
2. If you have an issue about kony or if you want to tell me rude remarks towards my beliefs in kony please let me know through private message, if you do not do so i WILL ignore and delete your comment. If it pops up again i have a right to report you for harassment.
3. If you have any questions at all about kony or how to take action near you, PLEASE feel free to ask me :) 
my life does not revolve around Kony 2012, if you ever need a listener about a boy, a girl, friends, ANYTHING you just let me know :) 


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