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I'm me! :P
Nope not gonna reveal my name! xD
I'm 19! I hate growing up! And it terrifies me.

I have phases!
There are times when I am a total girly girl; and times when I like being a tomboy. :P

I Love shopping. 
I can shop all daaaay!!! ♥
I think retail therapy is d best thing ever!
That and Music are the best cure to any kind of depression!

If I ever meet a guy like Ted Mosby, I would marry him any day and anywhere! :D

I think Damon n Stefan are better vampires than Edward n the other cullens. Specially Damon cause his whole bad ass nature! ;) 
I'm not anti twilight but I love the books more. :D

I'm a sucker for romance and cheesiness. 

Pretty little liars is the besssst show ever. 

I love Jessica Day! (New Girl). And I'm totally shipping her with Nick!

I love the couple Summer Robert & Seth Cohen! ♥

And I Love Talking.
I am skilled in the art of talking nonsense! Like utter crap! :P

I'm kinda cheeky! :P

I'm finally learning how to play the guitar.

I love accents! They are major turn ons! :P

I have a girl crush on Mila Kunis (She's hot!) And Miranda Kerr.

I don't care what people say, I love Taylor Swift. I love how you can relate to her music no matter who the song is actually dedicated to. 

The Script is my most favorite band ever!

I love collecting accessories!! I have every thing ranging from Feather earnings to chunky rings to owl chains!! :D

My friends @VanillaSky has been through all my phases! She's he bestest buddy everr! :D
Fan her! :P
Oh and we make covers
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♥Hanging Out♫
♫Taylor Lautner♥
♥Alex Pettyfer♫
♫Rom Coms♥
♥Pretty Little Liars♫
♫How I met Your Mother♥
♥Gossip Girl♫
♫New Girl♥
♥Grey's Anatomy♫


Trouble Plays Cupid

Trouble Plays Cupid

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Who Said You Only Love Once (Editing Aswell)

Who Said You Only Love Once (Editing Aswell)

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Doctor Love *On Hold*

Doctor Love *On Hold*

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What happens when the carefree bad ass Lauren Benett needs a Doctor but not jus any Doctor Dr.Matthew Ray and it's surely not a regular check up ;)
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Advice From The Bartender

Advice From The Bartender

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A broken hearted guy enters the bar and exits with a semi -mended heart and a maybe the best advice he ever got.
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You and Me

You and Me

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Most people say they hate cliché. But somewhere in the back of our minds we all find those cliché moves, those cliché sayings, those cliché pick up lines! extremely adorable. I... read more
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