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~~~~~Killjoy for life!

Bands, bands, bands. Creativity is the key. The blank page is the entrance gates.

I just really like concerts, bands and skinny jeans, okay? Pete Wentz,Ryan Ross&WilliamBeckett=♥

"Because it's not a band, it's an idea."

"This is the most fun I've ever had" - Dan♥

"I'm probably the happiest I've ever been" - Phil♥
╚══`.¸Panic! At the Disco

Hi! ♥

Whoa, someone's actually reading this stuff? HIIIII THERE! O.o 


All Time Low
My Chemical Romance 
Panic! At The Disco
The Academy Is...
Fall Out Boy
Fearless Vampire Killers
We Are The In Crowd
Pierce The Veil
Tonight Alive
Danisnotonfire =*.*=
AmazingPhil =*.*=
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Bands I've seen/seeing live:

All Time Low [ Wednesday 12th 2013, Bristol]
We Are The In Crowd [Friday 26th April 2013, Portsmouth Pyramids] - I got to meet my Tay Tay too! 
Pierce The Veil -May 13th 2013
Sleeping With Sirens -30/9/13
Black Veil Brides -15/12/13
--- This year
Mayday Parade -23/1/14
We Are The In Crowd [M&G]-8/2/14
Fall Out Boy -15/3/14
Fearless Vampire Killers -14/4/14
The Summer Set -22/4/14 (WILLIAM FREAKING BECKETT)♥♥
Panic! At the Disco -9/5/14 (BRALLON!)♥♥♥
Gerard Way -20/8/14♥♥♥
Tonight Alive -29/11/14

Seeing All Time Low on 12th February 2013 was perfect, I will never forget it. Everything was so perfect...I love you guys♥

♥ All Time Low, My Chemical Romance & Pierce The Veil saved my life.♥

♥ Sing Me To Sleep,
I'll see you in my dreams,
Waiting to say "I miss you,
I'm so sorry" ♥

♥ I'm not afraid to keep on living,
I'm not afraid to walk this world alone ♥

♥ I kissed the scars on her skin,
I still think your beautiful,
and i don't ever wanna lose my best friend...♥

*Blows you all kisses*I love all my fans + I appreciate all of the love~~


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