I have another profile on here, known as 'jayrooboo'. I only created this account so I could get more votes, as some people on Wattpad don't tend to do a lot of voting on my stories... maybe I'm rubbish at writing...? 

Anyway, I did it so I could get more votes.....

I'm going to fan a load of random people, to see how many I can fan.... :D lol

I am an average person, I guess...

I would probably appear weird to you or anyone else that meets me... I like to read a lot, so if you want any reads, votes or comments, I would be more than happy to help!

I love my family and friends - who doesn't?

I hate bitches. They bloody annoy me. I love pasta, chocolate and fizzy drinks!! I am usually hyper and it makes me funny! Lol. I am always weird O.O

I love music. If you take music from me, I would take your life from you... See how you like that!!

Haha.... O_o

Anyway, I am going to go.... And Erm... Do something.... O_o... Bye.... :|
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