I write science fiction and fantasy stories. I try to keep them short yet full of ideas because I think your time is precious.

Several of these have appeared online and a complete list can be found at my blog: http://jamesbambury.blogspot.ca/p/stories.html

I have some recommendations of stories you should read by other WattPad writers. 
There's three so far in this thread but I'll add more entries if I come across worthwhile stories:

I recently wrote up a quick guide on using Inkscape to help make book covers and posted it to the Wattpad forums:

Need some cover art? I have some art I'm not using this thread that you're welcome to take and use for whatever you'd like. You'll need to add your own titles, name and text:
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The World and its Mostly Deserving People Will Have to Find Their Own Way

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Description: Thirteen very short science fiction and fantasy stories: - A Tower of Babel built to extend the Internet into the heavens - The final survivor of a world taken over by nanomachines considers the Earth's future from the vantage point of Biosphere2 ...

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