March 2014 - New novel AND SOON THE SONG is now out! Read a few free chapters on my blog here: http://wp.me/p24Exb-av  Full novel: http://wp.me/p24Exb-av

Read a few free chapters from my new supernatural thriller NORTHMAN, here: http://wp.me/s24Exb-northman  

If you want to buy the full novel it's here: http://bookShow.me/B00A8G2CIY

“It’s thrilling, romantic, funny and scary.” 
“A brilliant book with superbly developed characters, dialogue and scene settings.”  
“This should be a movie with Johnny Depp as Michael and me as Kate…"
“Not for the faint-hearted… it kept me riveted for days.” 

I'm a writer slowly going mad in Derbyshire, England. I also have three short stories - part of the DARK SHORTS series - on Amazon and Smashwords  and my new novel is OUT NOW!

My writing is primarily for adults (16+), but I have a few younger readers who lie and tell me that they like my stuff. Incidentally, if you want to download my short stories from Smashwords cancel the Adult Filter. I don't exist otherwise.

The first short is called BOMBER and is about a 20 year old who finds himself accused of terrorism and then faced with the task of stopping a bomb due to explode in the city centre (or center if you are American) http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/116975

The second is called THE 500 and is about a dilemma faced by a 19 year old girl, Gemma,  and how she deals with it. It has a chilling finale. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/117026

The third - ISSUE 49 - is about Tobias, a middle-aged loner who finds true love. But he has a secret, And it is one that guarantees a horrifyng conclusion. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/117073

So, you see, my short stories are all a little dark, so if you don't like mildly scary then don't read them. My novels are really scary, so if you are of a nervous disposition...

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Hey there, thanks so much for following me! Thanks also for your comment on my song. I think writers struggle about most everything when writing. I do!