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I've made this account so it would be easier for people who like reading about interracial stories. I will try to add as many stories as I can but if you think I need to add one to the library please message me so.
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      The Wings of an Eagle ©
      When Hena Schultz’s father dies from an unforeseen illness, she is sent to live with his sister in Berlin. This is the period that Hitler is rapidly becoming in power and her half coloured side is disliked amongst most–but one. It’s her neighbour Hans that finds interest in Hena’s differences and with only a fence dividing them apart, they become the best of friends. The problem is, Hans is full German and in time his father becomes the head SS officer for the Nazis Party, befriending Hitler and his ways. Years pass and they separate, their mind never forgetting the other. Hans and Hena meet again in 1943, but under different circumstances. It’s solely the memory of their youthful friendship that can sustain them, especially since Hena becomes a prisoner in the concentration camp Hans is in charge of, revealing his title as a Nazis commandant who’s duty and obligation is to please none other than the Führer. {© Copyright All Rights Reserved to author of novel: missproverbs31.}
      • Inspired by The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas and Belle •
I would greatly appreciate it if would view my story Swirling Around Ill take any constructive criticism. beware there maybe errors once story is complete will edit it properly