Fall through the sky
                                                    Little specks below
                                           Magnify - the further down I go
                                                   I feel it in my bones
                                                     Can you feel too?
                                                 Is this the world I know?
                                        Is the house we've built still here?
                                              Is the human race sincere?
                                                      you go logan lerman, you go. 
                                                         - origin of this is from  d i a n a.
                                                          either you call me char or charlie there is no in between.
                                                                                       charlotte is not an option.
      hacked by chai [1/2/13  9:00pm]
      r y l a n d   is  sorta  amazing
      [jus' sayin']
      the bliss will always be with this girl, i love her to the moon and back. i miss her. she also responded to my text 12/25/13.
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