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Hellooooo :D

I'm not a massive fan of writing but I don't hate it and I like bringing my stories to life and showing you people what's in my whacky imagination.

I loveeee to read and I was all obsessed with twilight and stuff for a little while like all the teenage girls, then I got over it, but still like it, like most books.

In case your wondering what the writing in my profile pic says, it's "Adjust... Or don't fall in love." Because it's an appale and orange that are in love and have been safety pinned together, good message with a funny picture, just the way I like it. xD

I like music but I'm pretty rubbish at keeping up with it so my iPod has loads of old music on it ;). But I do really love 3OH!3, there songs are so catchy if a bit rude, but I love 'em.

I like watching; Vamp diaries, Lost, True Blood, Glee, Buffy the vampire slayer (Buffy is probs my fav!) and Hellcats I suppose. I like all those chic flicks and Harry Potter whatever's good, except horror movies, I'm easily freaked.

I lovee dramaa at school, I love the acting and I would like a careeer to do with acting in the future. I hate textiles, (sewing, material work) I am terrible at it and dispise the lesson! (Once I didn't put my pins in properly and my friend picked up my work and got a pin stuck in her hand, it went right through to the other side ;P I was screaming at her going "GET IT OUT!" and she was going "I CAN'T OMG THERE'S A PIN IN MY HAND!" It was LOL worthy. :)

I do lots of dancing; Ballet, Tap, Modern, I've been doing ballet since I was 3 and the other two since I was 8 so quite a while. :)

I prefer to read than write.
All my story ideas come from my dreams.

Fav quote's:
"No matter how far you travel you will never find anyone perfect, because nobody IS perfect."
"Suicide is the most selfish act a person can commit" - My wise old dad.
"A smile can save a life."

Oooh, I think I'm pretty amazing at spelling :)

Holly♥  - I do this a lot because I think it looks pretty :)


Babysitting a seventeen year old

Babysitting a seventeen year old

5 parts / 10 pages, updated Mar 13, 2011PG-13Pictures
When Eve Bernasconi needs money she takes up a babysitting job. Simple, right? Well, not when she finds herself watching over five teenage boys who can't se... read more
3,214 reads votes 27 comments 20
Love, Lies and Loathing

Love, Lies and Loathing

13 parts / 21 pages, updated Sep 16, 2010PG-13Pictures
When Crystal Sanders, splits up with her first real boyfriend Dean, she's hurt, and to make matters worse, her parents are going through a sudden divorce. Whilst try... read more
2,021 reads votes 43 comments 19
My Poems

My Poems

2 parts / 1 page, updated Jun 29, 2010PGCompleted
A collection of my poems :)
398 reads votes 6 comments 14

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