Hi, it's  @XKellyAshtenX here! This is my second account for my book covers. I am doing this to completely pull my main account away from covers.

Want to view my work? Go here:


Cover Teams I work with:

- Hartley Designs - Closed

- Personal Hartley Designs Thread - Not yet created

What programs I use:

- Photoshop CS5 


This website is the closest you'll ever get to Photoshop - www.pixlr.com 

Websites for pictures:

- www.weheartit.com 

- www.deviantart.com

The best advice I have is to find perfect pictures, they're out there. A good amount of text space is best. A good cover doesn't always call for tons of combining. I rarely combine pictures. And make sure once you resize pictures, they're not stretched or pixelated. 

Font I am obsessed with at the moment: Century Gothic (in all caps normally)

There is a guide I made and posted with my other account (The Wattpad Guide) in my library. It may help, but it's outdated. Especially the beginning. I would not recommend using the websites I mention there. Actually, I don't recommend any editing websites, except for pixlr. I only sometimes use www.phixr.com to crop and resize. The best thing to do is download and learn how to use editing programs like GIMP. GIMP is the best choice if you don't wanna pay for PS or download a torrent.

Good places to download fonts for Photoshop and GIMP:

- www.dafont.com

- www.abstractfonts.com

Also, you all should know that I am a former ambassador (on @XKellyAshtenX), so don't think you can get away with stuff around me. No read my story requests. I will ignore you. That is not what this account is for.
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