Hallo, my name is Harold but only my mum calls me that. I go by Harry. 
      I enjoy long walks on the beach... Pfft noooo. I don't.
      I like orange. The fruit too.
      My bestest franns are @ColorfulRain and @MayhemNamedMacelynn. These are muh bitches, don't fuck with my bitches.
      @HannahHaven, @ravensacademy, and @xXxEmptyandBrokenxXx are my daughters!!
      My best friends swear I'm gay, but I am attracted to the ladies ;D
      I like One Direction because Harry Styles and I have the same name, woo we're both sexy as fuuuck.
      I am English but I moved to America when I was 13. And that is where I met the two weirdos I call my friends. Another thing I have in common with Harry Styles, we're both Englishh!
      I really enjoy me some cheesecake, cuuz it's delicious.
      Annd so that is I, the great Harold. 
      HaroldTheChampion <3
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    Being held captive in Macie and Mello's closet
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