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Unveil me forever (completed)

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Description: She is the veiled princess, always bound to cover her face from the moment she was born. The reason? No one knows for sure, but there are so many legends surrounding her, some describing an enchanting beauty and others talk about a disfigurement, so...

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Three Black Roses

Three Black Roses

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I am the creature of darkness, the god's damned and abondoned to live the eternity in my solid lonelines...

Niavid posted a message to Hanieh21
and oh by the way,could you please start the book 2?I really am so exited to read it and I think I couldn't wait any longer.... please finish it first?
Niavid posted a message to Hanieh21
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I've  got to read your book"unveil me forever" last year but I don't exactly remember what month was that...it was the very  first time that I fell in love with historical love story,thanks to you..from then on you have had my respect for being so brilliant...it was close to being perfect story aside from part where Roxanne nearly got raped....because that's what I hate the most;women being violated or used by disgusted men out there.....but nonetheless, it's still my number 1 historical book...I forgot it once*for being occupied with other things * but definitely will never forget it from this day ahead........It's a 
      wonderful story and I hope many more readers will get the chance to read it....because it is worth the time reading for.......
zettysuay posted a message to Hanieh21
i love your book unveil me forever , iv just finished reading it...it was fantastic and ended on an amazing cliff hanger !
Hello! I have just finished Unveil me Forever and I salute you! The storyline was refreshing and unique and don't regret reading it! I honestly had no clue what would happen next so I found it extremely engaging. You are an excellent writer and I am overjoyed to see you are planning a sequel to the story. thanks again :) x