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Hey Everyone, My name's Hana and I'm 16 years old. I'm still new on wattpad, but I'm getting used to. Writing to me is not homework or a job, it's something I love to do and something I'll never get tired of.  My favorite place to read a book, is outside in the open, relaxing on a bench or just the grass; reading my favorite novel in peace and quiet. I enjoy writing my thoughts on paper or wattpad and sharing it with everyone who is willing to listen or read. I've been writing ever sense I can remember and I'm thankful for one of my friends, she introduced me to this website. Although I'm sure there are many fabulous writers on wattpad, I hope everyone will be able to experience my story for themselves:D

Thank you to all my supporters, I really appreciate it.

10 random Facts about me:D
1. I have natural big curls that are so hard to manage.
2. I love to read books.
3. I am the biggest girlish tom boy, if that even makes sense. Point is I play every sport there is, but I am such a girlie girl it's not even funny:P
4. I'm a sophomore ( who likes school, come on?) 
5. My taste in stories is pretty wide, I'm not picky, but cliche stories they kind of bore me, because there so predictable. 
6. I have my very own editors, one of then is on wattpad and is named 2addicted I have another editor to as well, but not on wattpad. 
7. Love, love, love music, it comes next in line on my favorite list ( right under writing of course!) 
8. Favorite color  "Purple" ( lavender to be more specific, it calms me so much;)
9. Favorite food "Sea food!" ( I prefer shrimp the most:)
10.Favorite Season "Spring!" (it's not to cold and not to hot:) 
Have any other questions feel free to ask:D
Thanks for getting to know me!:D

Quotes or sayings what ever you wanna call them that I absolutely Love<3!

Why do we close our eyes when we pray? When we cry? When we dream? or when we kiss? Because we know that the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart ♥




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Growing up in Main with her mother couldn't be any better. Aria starts her junior year with her best friend, looking forward to party's and a whole load of fun. Little does poor Ar... read more
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