█ 10% Funny
██ 20% Quiet
███ 30% Depressed
████ 40% Evil
█████ 50% Anime freak
██████ 60% Awkward
███████ 70% Scene
████████ 80%Hyper
█████████ 90% Otaku
██████████ 100% ME


Here's some more about me. I am a 17-year-old girl. I used to get teased in school, but now I'm more open about my actions with people and I don't get made fun of anymore. That I know of. I'm Goth. And I love cosplaying~ I cosplay during school. xD Usually just closet cosplaying. And mostly my Gamzee cosplay because it looks normal. xD But yea. I'm awesome. kbai.
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Description: 'What is this guy...' I question to myself. I push my way past him, leaving the bar quickly. He was quiet, but I knew he had followed me. I peeked over my shoulder to see him standing under a street lamp behind me. I could see him better now. His fa...


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Just Another Gay Love Story - Book 1 {re-write}

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Just Another Gay Love Story

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Austin was a normal 18 year old boy who went to a school. He had a step-mom, step-brother, A dad, and a...

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On November 30th 2014 wear a black ribbon or braclet on your wrist if you cut, are depressed, suicidle, ect. If your like me and just want to support the cause wear a blue ribbon or braclet. You can also draw one on your wrist. PLEASE REPOST TO SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!
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Thanks for following everyone! I've been working on a new short story for awhile so hopefully I'll get that out after I finish it (Free times kind of a time for doing nothing for me because of work and school so I haven't gotten to it :c)