█ 10% Funny
██ 20% Quiet
███ 30% Depressed
████ 40% Evil
█████ 50% Anime freak
██████ 60% Awkward
███████ 70% Scene
████████ 80%Hyper
█████████ 90% Otaku
██████████ 100% ME


Here's some more about me. I am a 17-year-old girl. I used to get teased in school, but now I'm more open about my actions with people and I don't get made fun of anymore. That I know of. I'm Goth. And I love cosplaying~ I cosplay during school. xD Usually just closet cosplaying. And mostly my Gamzee cosplay because it looks normal. xD But yea. I'm awesome. kbai.
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Description: 'What is this guy...' I question to myself. I push my way past him, leaving the bar quickly. He was quiet, but I knew he had followed me. I peeked over my shoulder to see him standing under a street lamp behind me. I could see him better now. His fa...

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Just Another Gay Love Story - Book 1 {re-write}

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Just Another Gay Love Story

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Austin was a normal 18 year old boy who went to a school. He had a step-mom, step-brother, A dad, and a...

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Get Out of This House {Re-write}

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On November 30th 2014 wear a black ribbon or braclet on your wrist if you cut, are depressed, suicidle, ect. If your like me and just want to support the cause wear a blue ribbon or braclet. You can also draw one on your wrist. PLEASE REPOST TO SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!
420 blaze it
Thanks for following everyone! I've been working on a new short story for awhile so hopefully I'll get that out after I finish it (Free times kind of a time for doing nothing for me because of work and school so I haven't gotten to it :c)
Hey everyone! Thanks for reading me stories c: I'm sorry I haven't updated anything, one thing is because I forgot about this website for awhile xD another reason would be because I've been bombarded with work, and now school is starting so hopefully I'll get some time in to write. I've also kind of got some writers block so we'll see. I'll try writing more of JAGLS the re-write. Have an awesome day!