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Name Genie Elegance
Location sadly not in california, super h, vietnamese restaurant
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okay so about me...
well my cultures: 1/4 filipino (hella awesome), 1/4 el salvadorian, 1/8 italian, and some others
i am known to be super cute
i love pho, pork adobo, lumpia, pansit, tacos, halo halo, and ice cream
i am passionate about my art work and love anyone who loves me
WEST COAST REPRESENT ALL THE WAY, moved out to frikkin georgia due to some custody cases
I love learning about asian cultures and love asian boys lol
I'm trying to learn tagalog, korean, chinese and japanese
My inspirations and loves are Jay Chou (hella awesome and hot damn), my friends, Jack White III.
When i'm in love i see nothing but the person i love and would do anything for them.
,if you want, find me on face book
Aka Genny "little babae" effayesso. 

Asian pride.

I compose because my love is true
I write because my feelings for you
I sing because i want the message to come through
That with out you i feel unsafe and blue

I write for all the girls who had their hearts broken
Who had their love exchanged for play like an arcade token
And have a flaming rage awoken
That now grasp them hy the neck, now they're chokin

I compose for all those who drown in depression
And are going into a dark corner for a suicide session
They feel that they dont have enough attention
And at times i could relate to them

They need someone who understands
Someone to reach where no one else lands
I am here to hold their hands
And let them know at least someone understands

I know what its like to have love betrayed
And treated unhuman like an outsider
Dont invest in desperation to get laid
Because being an outsider is better than being an insider

We're unique like no one else 
They're all just jealous
Because we have something inside of us
That they dont, we're creative and understanding
We shouldnt be innocently bystanding
Lets show off what we got
Because its sonething that cant be bought

Tbose who left us and broke our hearts
Its their loss




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one dedication to someone funny

one dedication to someone funny

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My poetry is for you

My poetry is for you

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The quote

The quote

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Don't let him

Don't let him

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I should've ran

I should've ran

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That was absolutely beautiful
Young Girl,,

@nightwish435 ^¬^
My poetry is for you

i would absolutely adore if you wrote me a poem. ithink all your works are beautiful and have fantai feel as though someone finally gets it when i...

@nightwish435 Thank you
My poetry is for you

Good but very cliche
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