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Okay, first of all, I'm not supposed to tell my name. Let's keep it with Fumise Love, shall we? I'm still a high school student who doesn't really study because I'm caught up with the world of writing and trapped in my own imagination.

Just want to let you know that I'm not a sex addict or something, I just love to include mature scenes in my stories because it makes it all exciting. I'm a sucker for stories with such daring scenes, I mean I like stories where there are seductive scenes.

Living with Guys and Being Nasty are the only stories with mature scenes in them. I will lessen any chance of encountering with it again in my other stories. 

Here are all the stories that I posted and will soon to be posted. This stories are independent and you can read it in no particular order.

The BLISH Tales

1. Being Nasty (Completed)
2. Living with Guys (Completed)
3. Harkins Academy (Completed)
4. I Don't Like Old Guys (On-Going) A story about Chad, the house owner in Living with Guys
5. Sex Slave (Short Story - Soon!) A story about Dave Philips, (Gabriel's brother in Living with Guys)

I am indeed going to make a fan-fiction about One Direction and I already planned the plot line of each story. Believe it or not, I have a notebook that contains all the ideas of everything that I'm going to write. I'm not going to post the title yet even though it's already done. It's for you know, copyright something and stuff.

One Direction Series:

Book One : Bad Girl Meets Not-So-Bad Boy (Zayn Malik) ON-GOING
Book Two: Louis Tomlinson
Book Three: Harry Styles
Book Four: Niall Horan
Book Five: Liam Payne

Extra Book: Ed Sheeran

The LOCKS Series

Book One: The Messed-Up Street Dancer (On-Going)

Please do keep in mind that I only post three stories at a time. If one comes to an end, I'll post a new one. So, I guess that's all I'm going to say to you. Godspeed and Fan me!


I Don't Like Old Guys

I Don't Like Old Guys

7 parts / 12 pages, updated Nov 23, 2013
"Even though he's something between a Greek god and a model, he's still not my type because I only fall for guys younger than me." Rose Wilkins is an a... read more
25,473 reads votes 616 comments 108
Bad Girl Meets Not-So-Bad Boy

Bad Girl Meets Not-So-Bad Boy

8 parts / 17 pages, updated Aug 12, 2013Video
"I only fall for Bad Boys, Malik," I told him. "Even though you look and act like one, you're clearly not one of them." Avarielle Klyse... read more
18,921 reads votes 382 comments 94
The Messed-Up Street Dancer

The Messed-Up Street Dancer

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Aug 05, 2013PG-13
"I wouldn't have anything to do with you, a messed up street dancer," I didn't have a choice right after he said that to me. I didn't have the choi... read more
9,092 reads votes 206 comments 32
Harkins Academy

Harkins Academy

30 parts / 56 pages, updated May 28, 2013PG-13Completed
"If I fall in love with you, you win," he confidently said. "And if you fall in love with me, I'll claim my prize in my own room," Abused and hated ... read more
865,203 reads votes 13,236 comments 1,454
Living with Guys

Living with Guys

30 parts / 53 pages, updated May 07, 2013PG-13Completed
'He didn't have any idea of what I'm feeling towards him...Maybe it was better that way in the first place.' Aubrey Tanner is your almost perfect teenage girl. She got... read more
834,209 reads votes 11,652 comments 1,596
Being Nasty

Being Nasty

30 parts / 55 pages, updated Apr 30, 2013RCompleted
Warning: Strictly Adult Content. Natalie Adams, a girl who gave her virginity to the transfer guy in her school. But what if that guy has a huge secret? Can she handle it?
518,563 reads votes 8,075 comments 1,061

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