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<b>The Witch's Chronicle</b>
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The Witch's Chronicle

The Witch's Chronicle

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A decade has passed since the magic community has opened up to human eyes. Even though the government sa...

Wylah (Book 1)[Being rewritten]

Wylah (Book 1)[Being rewritten]

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Mysterious things are happening. Villagers disappearing from the nearby town, strange tracks and bodies...

Book of Poems

Book of Poems

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You know, I was trying to give this a chance. I thought it might be one of those things that get better as you go, but I was wrong. Seriously, I would have kept reading this if it wasn't for the pack slut thing. That on top of the "I shifted", pack house, moon goddess and mind link just killed it. 
      A good point in here was there was some sort of real interaction with the "moon goddess" instead of just a mentioning and no real explaining ot reason to have her. I'd recommend not rushing the story so much. That's a good way to kill the reader's interest. Also, find some sort of interesting twist on something. So far it just seems like the usual dribble written by a middle/high schooler. In all of five chapters, nothing makes this stand out from any other teenfiction/werewolf book here. So what if the MC's are both female?  They were just stuck in the usual alpha/beta kids becone mates and save the packs type thing. 
      Overall, this would be a 1.5 maybe a 2 on my read list. Not the worst, but not the best. Definitely not something I would pick up if I had other books in my library.

I see some real potential here. Before I read this chapter, the concept really interested me. This chapter was a bit hard to follow. In the first paragraph it confused me when the MC was talking about two lycans. He goes into a rant about broken or lost equipment so I assumed this was the second one he killed today and not that a secobd had arrived. 
      It might also help to cut the paragraphs a bit. Especially with the ones that have dialogue in them. 
      Definitely will add this to my library to check out later.