Hi, I write stories because it is my escape :)
Ш℮ʟ¢ome to Hell hope you have sunscreen.

☆California :P
☆I love my followers ♡
☆Bring Me the Horizon, A Day to Remember, Mayday Parade, Like Moths to Flames, Attack on Titan, Reign, The Originals, Teen Wolf, Awkward, Face Off, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad.
☆I'd like to be a best seller someday :)
☆I dream of living in New York
☆I want to attend New York University
☆It's my dream to be a published author.
☆Daryl Dixon is bae ❤
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Description: The cities no longer burned, but I stared down at the charred remains of a once great utopia. "Goodbye America." I murmured. It was a thought I would have never pictured myself saying, but here I was saying it. This is no longer the once powerful U...

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Corren's Fight

Corren's Fight

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Corren's family is left shattered and in pieces after the suicide of Scott, Corren's brother. Six months...

Emily's Suicide (Wattys2014)

Emily's Suicide (Wattys2014)

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I spun around to her, seething. "I am not a coward! You wanna know what's cowardly? Making someone feel...

Mindless Writings 2 - Poetry, Short Scenes, and Extras

Mindless Writings 2 - Poetry, Short Scenes, and Extras

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10 Day Tumblr Challenge

10 Day Tumblr Challenge

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So I updated Ravenous, though I have no idea who still reads it because it's been quite a while. Nevertheless, I've been in a writing mood and with the short vacation I have from school and the sting of unrequited love I've plunged myself into writing :D  I guess I'm going on an updating montage on all my noncompleted stories which shall include Corren's Fight sometime next week! Stay tuned :P Love ya! http://www.wattpad.com/24500423-ravenous-chapter-5-a-life-for-a-name