Hi, I write stories because it is my escape :)
Ш℮ʟ¢ome to Hell hope you have sunscreen.

☆California :P
☆I love my followers ♡
☆Bring Me the Horizon, A Day to Remember, Mayday Parade, Like Moths to Flames, Attack on Titan, Reign, The Originals, Teen Wolf, Awkward, Face Off, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad.
☆I'd like to be a best seller someday :)
☆I dream of living in New York
☆I want to attend New York University
☆It's my dream to be a published author.
☆Daryl Dixon is bae ❤
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Corren's Fight

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Description: Corren's family is left shattered and in pieces after the suicide of Scott, Corren's brother. Six months later Corren has been in his third fight at school. His parents find this as an excuse to send him away, but Corren knows the real reason. They...

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Emily's Suicide (Wattys2014)

Emily's Suicide (Wattys2014)

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I spun around to her, seething. "I am not a coward! You wanna know what's cowardly? Making someone feel...

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Mindless Writings 2 - Poetry, Short Scenes, and Extras

Mindless Writings 2 - Poetry, Short Scenes, and Extras

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10 Day Tumblr Challenge

10 Day Tumblr Challenge

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99 Secrets

99 Secrets

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You are not alone. We're here, we love you. So many people are just like you, facing the same things. Pl...

Has anyone else lost the ability to post statuses, or is it just me? Anyone know why Wattpad took that away if it's not just me? :I
Well, anywhooo... I'd like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through social media, here on Wattpad, and just in general! :) I know I tend to send out these kind of messages a lot, but I really like to give back in any little way possible. I love to remind you guys that I wouldn't be where I am today without any of you! Wattpad formally invited me to enter the Wattys? Are you kidding? That wouldn't be possible without you guys! I have the screenshots on my instagram @explosivewafflez if you wanna follow me there and see for yourself :) The link is also on my profile I believe. But yeah guys, every step further toward success I owe to you all.  Every year since I've joined Wattpad (3 years ago) I've attempted to enter the Watty Awards to no avail, but this year at 15 years old Wattpad sends an ambassador to encourage me to join since I am one of their "most influential writers." I still can't believe it even though it's been about a week since I've received that message. Incredible! And I owe it all to you! Thank you all! My heart goes out to each and everyone of you! There is also another thing I'd like to cover.
I've been noticing a bit of conflict within the comments of Emily's Suicide. I know Emily's Suicide clashes with certain religious aspects. To be honest, I have no set religion. I am fifteen years old and I am in no rush to get one. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and views, but do not try to force those things on anyone else, nor should you bash someone else's beliefs. Now another thing I'd like to tackle is the cussing. Some of you are just out of control, but I would like to thank everyone else who has kept it classy. Thank you! Don't get me wrong, I sometimes get the mouth of truck driver when I'm with my friends at school- but online I have an image to uphold. I have to set an example. I know I owe everything to you guys, but I expect better from you. Keep the cursing to a minimum. I don't like seeing all these reported comments on my story. It makes Emily's Suicide and I look bad. I know you may feel some strong emotions as you read the story, but don't go too far. Keep it classy. Know your limits. Try to chill, okay?
That's all for now my lovelies! Remember to use the #wattys2014, #emilysuicide, #wattpad when sharing about Emily's Suicide over social media! Love you all! #StayStrong! <3

@ZIALLISLIFEE @NikolaDabrowska It would depend on how the photo is being shared. I would imagine that sharing a picture that was posted and then taken down quickly- the image would no longer be available. However, that doesn't account for screenshotting. If someone saw Emily's photos, immediately screenshot, and then posted it themselves, the photo can still travel and Emily would no longer have control of it.

Holland Roden plays a good "girl with an attitude" especially in the tv series Teen Wolf :P I never liked Lydia in the beginning of Teen Wolf and I don't think Lydia was meant to be liked at first, which shows how great of acting skills Roden has to pull off Lydia. So since I loved how she portray's Lydia's attitude I wanted to her play Harper to give the same unlikable vibe. Harper isn't meant to be liked and I know such a gifted actress like Roden could portray that :)