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Name Evenely Obviously.....
Location In Planet BullShit !! Wahh Unicorn Come back... Am Tame you
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Hiya Stranger?:0..*cough*Stalker!!!!!!! Just kidding 
Name  Evenely,I cummies from Planet Screw you & am Allergic to BullShit!;/(omg I curse :()
 But Of course I am Bisexual lol :)Am A flirt ;)But I restrain since I got such a Sexy Man !:]

Things I WuV<3
Chocolate (it's my sick addiction...Omfg orgasm !!!)
Cuban coffee [Got to have my fix]
My friends =-O 
Video game (am a killer bitche with the muthafukang SNIPER !!
Gears of war ,halo, doa,black oops,battlefield..
Music Everything ;)
White rose 
My Daddy(luv U NeGro)

Fav Artistic <333333333 :
Adam Lambert
Travie McCoy
Neon Hitch
J Rice
Don omar
BVB( Black veil bride)
BOTDF( Blood on the dance floor)
Dyland y Lenny
Breathe Electric
Dj Boonie
Avril Lavigne
Gym Class Heroes( Sames As Travie)
The Fray
Craig David
Jason Derulo
Jay sean
David guetta
The league
( Thats Just a Few PPL i can think of )

I fudging love my baby aka CrimsonLover(ps I love you babyyyyyyyyy*growl *he is mine bitches stay off his lollipop I own that !!!!!!!!) Omfg I just embrassed my baby XD 

I like to read  so please if you like let me know and i will glady read your story ~ i WILL COMMENT AND VOT AND BE VERY LOYAL..

PS. Am a huge Anime freak~ XD

Haha i love music i am a photographer and i do model a bit from time to time ~

Also Get over it yes i love Video Games and i can snipe your head off get it into you head a girl Can Be Aweosme in video Game ( Dont hate it makes you ugly and wrinkly)

That's all folks Pm I love you random chat ;)


Who Is She?

Who Is She?

15 parts / 16 pages, updated Jun 28, 2012PG-13
Evy has always been on her own she never told nobody of her other life expect for josh. But everything changes after a unfortunate fight happens and she meets " the spiky h... read more
5,365 reads votes 121 comments 57
~Friends with Benefits~

~Friends with Benefits~

11 parts / 10 pages, updated Jun 22, 2012PG-13
Daniela would never expect that in her tenth grade year she would have to hid who she like.To keep a friendship stable and not hurt nobody but herself. She deci... read more
6,775 reads votes 89 comments 21
Death Brought Me To Life~

Death Brought Me To Life~

17 parts / 21 pages, updated May 24, 2012PG-13Pictures
What do you do when your parents try to keep you alive every time, when you’re sick? When all they do starts to fail and the person you grew up with kills you?... read more
1,271 reads votes 57 comments 24
We Don't Mix But I'll Give You a Swing( On HOLD)

We Don't Mix But I'll Give You a Swing( On HOLD)

9 parts / 9 pages, updated Apr 10, 2012PG-13
Daniela been shipped to England untill she cleans up her act.Though when she gets there she doesnt get the roomate she expects. Who is h... read more
683 reads votes 23 comments 21
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@TJpage: I Will :3
Who Is She?

@JohnDom)it was perfect I like btw vampire don't have sperm it's dry up . Or so I read
war journal

@JohnDom:why thank you :) means a lot at least you vote unlike the others that don't
Who Is She?

Very well explain. I think it is a brilliant way to start am very intrigue by this story of course what scan I say your a exceptional writer. So...
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@PerfectWriting: Why thank you that makes me happy and I upload today if you have any book you want me to read let me now :)
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