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Hello theree,,, Name's  Emmy or Em(: First thing you need to know is that I love music! One Direction (Liam!) Allstar Weekend (Zachary(; )  Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. The next you should know is that I'm shy but have a bubbly ish personality with people i'm comfortable with. Third thing I love reading, I mostly read about Vamps ( Morganville vampires is my alltime fave) and that kinda stuff. The fouth thing is that I lurve sports! Basketball, sprinting, soccer etc. The final thing is that i'm an Aussie!!! And prod of it(; Australia is amazing and I love the heat(: 
And that is five things about me, hope you enjoy reading my stories, and if you want you can message me, and i'll read your stories(: Thank you!

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Love May Kill? (Watty Awards 2012)

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Whatever you choose, it'll be amazing!
Love May Kill? (Watty Award...

@loveyeahitis I'm so glad you did though(:
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You dedicated it too me, naww
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