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Edward Mullen is a novelist, podcaster, and blogger from Vancouver, Canada. His debut novel, THE ART OF THE HUSTLE, was published on August 2, 2012 with critical acclaim. With a steadily-growing fan base thirsty for more, he released his second book - a non-fiction book titled DESTINY AND FREE WILL, which explores the belief that everything happens for a reason. Now, one year after his debut novel, his highly anticipated second novel is released - PRODIGY - a futuristic tale focusing on the unforeseen effects of technology.

Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Edward developed a love for the wilderness. This love, combined with an innate curiosity about all things, eventually spawned a healthy imagination for storytelling. He continued to follow his natural passion through to university. Despite spending a lot of his time indoors writing, Edward continues to enjoy the outdoors. He is an avid tennis player, mountain biker, snowboarder, runner, and traveller.

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Description: The highly anticipated third novel from Edward Mullen is now available in eBook stores! Working as a stock clerk in a small-town grocery store only served as a constant reminder that Ben Owen’s life was meaningless. After a series of devastating...

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Anthony_Roth posted a message

Just started reading Prodigy and it's pretty amazing so far. You're a really talented author :)

samanddean1234 posted a message

I love your books. Please keep writing as you are and inspiration to fellow writers around the world whom can see and read your books. Thank you for sharing. 


You don't necessarily need to lay off the description, that is just what I do. I'm sure there are plenty of readers who love descriptive books. However, if you want to be less descriptive, you may want to fix this in editing. Just write the way you write, and then when you go back, as yourself what is integral to the story. Is her flowing blonde hair essential, or can it just be flowing hair? Does your character absolutely need to have a white beard or can you just say he is old? So you can chip away at it until you get the essential bits. It's like Michelangelo when asked how he made his statue of David he is reported to have said, "It is easy. You just chip away all the pieces that aren't part of the statue."

Look up courses at your local college or university and see if they offer a class that fits your schedule.

Try Googling "writers in residence" and then the name of your city. There may be a program in your area where professional writers meet with you to offer advice. Alternatively, you may want to talk to your school about creating a club for aspiring writers. Then you and whoever else at your school who is interested in writing could meet at lunch or after school (or on weekends at the public library). You could even put this on your college application... colleges like when students do this sort of thing.