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I've got guidelines, but I'm not limited. Not everyone is going to know what I'm all about --- and that's okay, I'll just keep them guessing. 

"‎When I dream on my own, I'm alone but I ain't lonely, for a dreamer night's the only time of day." - Jack Kelly from 'Newsies'

"Believe that life is a gift. Recognize that truth and be humbled by it; appreciate that you are part of something great and timeless." - Michael J. Fox

"When the world celebrates something that's superficial about you, it doesn't seem superficial. But it's wrong to think that.  It creates this giant narcissism - a whirlpool you can't get out of. " - Ethan Hawke on fame

"Everybody's acting like we can do anything and it don't matter what we do. Maybe we gotta' be extra careful because maybe it matters more than we even know." - Erikkson from "Casualties of War" 

{favourite wattpad authors - check out their work}

{ favourite actors - top 5}
- Christian Bale
- Ethan Hawke
- Benedict Cumberbatch
- Charlton Heston
- James Stewart

{ favourite actresses - top 5}
- Evangeline Lilly
- Chloe Sevigny
- Rooney Mara
- Emma Stone
- Ellen Page

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God's love and cheers!

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27 parts / 68 pages, updated Apr 21, 2014PG-13
A collection of uncompleted, unedited stories written by E. K. Sloyer between the years 2011 - to present. They will all contain of prologues or first chapters.
393 reads votes 66 comments 20
THERE IN CANADA Trilogy - Book I

THERE IN CANADA Trilogy - Book I

37 parts / 68 pages, updated Apr 19, 2014PGVideoPicturesCompleted
SHAUNTI - BOOK I: They were supposed to be gone a week. Not two months... Jace DeCart and his best friend, Knox Sullivan, decide to backpack the snowy m... read more
1,793 reads votes 347 comments 140
What's in Store?

What's in Store?

Non-Fiction #647
5 parts / 2 pages, updated Apr 18, 2014GPictures
The "official" catalog to purchasing E. K. Sloyer's stories as well as her new webseries "EKS." Tune into websites, videos, and updates by adding to your library!
272 reads votes 12 comments 19
Paparazzi and Their Celebrities - Research Paper

Paparazzi and Their Celebrities - Research Paper

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Apr 15, 2014GCompleted
A spring research paper on paparazzi and their relationship with celebrities' lives. EKS 2014
54 reads votes 9 comments 5


Historical Fiction #42 / Short Story #175
16 parts / 22 pages, updated Apr 11, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
A troubled writer and an optimistic editor come at odds with each other when the novel they are editing threatens their grip on reality. Knowing no other... read more
41,627 reads votes 2,901 comments 2,048
The Ultimate Reading List

The Ultimate Reading List

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Apr 04, 2014GCompleted
Pick and choose! All the short stories and novels I've read upon personal selection or assigned readings. Includes classics, historical fiction, fiction, spiritual, and non-fiction.
51 reads votes 4 comments 0
The Wolf's Boy

The Wolf's Boy

Other #930
29 parts / 35 pages, updated Apr 03, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Kismet and Prestige are just as unusual as their names. Though one is a boy and the other a wolf, they both desire the same thing: love. Through the years, their friends... read more
16,153 reads votes 923 comments 776
The Deadly Seven

The Deadly Seven

Action #991
18 parts / 24 pages, updated Mar 30, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Seven men. Seven deadly sins.... 1. Fornicatio 2. Gula 3. Avaritia 4. Acedia 5. Ira 6. Invidia 7. Superbia Seven men. Seven deadly sins. They all meet at the center... read more
3,978 reads votes 335 comments 146
The Cop

The Cop

Action #849
3 pages, updated Mar 26, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
A police officer goes into a drug lord's house in search of missing girls. Date created: September 4, 2012
77 reads votes 7 comments 3
The Doctor Cries - [Doctor Who Fanfiction]

The Doctor Cries - [Doctor Who Fanfiction]

9 parts / 9 pages, updated Feb 17, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
The Doctor is faced against an evil genius who thinks he has won over The Doctor. But The Doctor's faith in his new companion may turn the tables...
2,033 reads votes 128 comments 68
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