Stuffs about me:
- I am very random
- I have a very short attention span
- I am a master of procrastination 
- I think a lot
- I love climbing, snowboarding, reading, writing and music
- I have lots of pets and love animals in general (even snakes, even though they terrify me)
- Hot Topic is the best store ever (Most of my friends are scared of it though, they think the "emo/goth employees with gauges will eat them")
- I love candy and sweet stuff
- I love Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock (SUPERWHOLOCK) MLP FIM, Psych, How I Met Your Mother, lots of animes, and lots of other shows and movies
- Super obsessive, stalker-ish fan girls really annoy me
- I have a thing about hair. I love it and the first thing I look at in a guy is hair (not the most important thing of course but the first thing I look at)
- Music is my life
Bands I like:
- Black Veil Brides <3
- Set It Off
- My Chemical Romance
- Asking Alexandria 
- All Time Low
- Falling in Reverse
- Creature Feature
- And a bunch of other bands that I can't think of at the moment and I can't list them all anyways

"Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you land in the stars."

"Live like you will die tomorrow, dream like you will live forever."

Light side person:Come to the light side we have rainbows and glitter.
Me: Shut up!!! Come to the dark side. We have cookies and sexy bad boys.

• REAL BVB fans- don’t like the band just because of Andy
• REAL BVB fans- know more songs than knives and pens
• REAL BVB fans- know that Ashley Purdy is a GUY
• REAL BVB fans- have made “never give in” their motto
• REAL BVB fans- have this on their page
• Official BvB Fan √
I support Andy and Juliet <3
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