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My name is Jaye unless your a close bud of mine. Im a weird young adult ... thats about there is all to know about me ...
Please dont try to contact me if you are some creepy person. A little bit of creepy or weirdness is ok, but no over-loads please! 
- Im on here because a mate told me to be -

I read tonnes of books out of pure boredom. Im an ok writer but i never finish any stories that i start. The starts of them are good, just the awesomeness fizzles out of my brain a couple of chapters in ... so i give up.

Yeah, i have no idea what to put here ... Hannah Is Awesome ...


Unwanted Chasers

Unwanted Chasers

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This is just the start of a book story tthat i started writing awhile ago but havent gotten back to. I havent even worked out the main plot for it, but it will be about a... read more
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Haha this is where the fun begins. It would suck to be in that situation!
Changed Fate (Slow updates)

It was such a good book :] I'm happy that I read it
The Quirky Tale of April Hale

The pureness is burning me! :P
The Quirky Tale of April Hale

Good story so far, I'm just kidda bummed that it's not actually completed when I made a point to look for complete stories :/
The Virginity Game

Awesome book!
My Bloody Fairy Tale