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Questions, comments, concerns? :) 

All general inquiries can be relayed via the comment or messaging systems. Don't be shy! 

And now I leave you with a quote:

"Whoso thou be that passeth by;
Where these corpse entombed lie:
Understand what I shall say,
As at this time speak I may.
Such as thou art, sometime was I,
Such as I am, such shalt thou be."
-Edward the Black Prince

Feel free to add me on Pottermore: 


Cheers! :-]


DancesWithSugarCubes' Contested Contests!

DancesWithSugarCubes' Contested Contests!

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Harry Potter Anthology

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Hogwarts: A History

Hogwarts: A History

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I'm sorry! :( Thank you so much for deciding to stick with it regardless... I've been writing a bit and am really liking how everything is turning...
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Halloween is the best! :D
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Thank you! That is such a huge compliment! I really appreciate it :D
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