It's been two years since I first popped up on this wonderful website, so I figured I should update my info. I'm twenty-two years old and I love words. Even though the first part of that sentence changes all the time, the latter never seems to do so. I love reading books, hearing spoken word, writing books, writing songs, and reading short stories. I adore language. That's all there is to it.

This part has always been on my info page, but it's still true, so I won't try to fix what isn't broken:
"I write YA specifically because it catches these characters at the most pivotal, tumultuous, difficult point in their lives. These heroes and heroines are having to be heroes and heroines at such a young age. They are put through hardships when they are also trying to learn how to deal with emotions they’ve never felt. It’s so admirable."

P.S. I'm love to read your thoughts and respond to your questions. Please don't feel awkward about starting a conversation with me. 
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Description: Charlie is in serious hot water. After a naked girl falls from the sky, lands on his lawn, and claims to be from heaven, his entire summer is flipped upside-down. This girl can talk to animals, fight like a ninja, and hear people's thoughts. Plus...

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Displaced (Wingless: Book Two)

Displaced (Wingless: Book Two)

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The Deaths of Me

The Deaths of Me

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 He had already given me so much. Anything to repay him and show my loyalty to the Septars would be done and done without complaint. “You will become earthbound as well to aid in Tane's retrieval...
Wingless : 6. The Feeder

This ship does not sail itself, my dear.

She moved her lips with mine when my eager mouth allowed her to. I was feverish. I wanted to be feverish. Her mouth was warm and soft under mine. One of my hands drifted down to her lower back, and I...
Wingless : 9. The Lesson

Charlie is an interesting one for sure! Glad you've chosen a side, but that side may change by the end of the last book...

Cookiezzzz_ posted a message to CydneyLawson

Hi! I just finished book 2: Displaced and IT WAS AMAZING!! I'm sorry if you've already mentioned this before, but when are you going to be releasing the 3rd book? :D you're an amazing author and I can't wait until I read the last book!  

            I glanced past him and saw there was a curved tub in the small room. Oh. He thought I’d been trying to bathe with him. The idea was absurd. I bathed with no one but Gaius.
Wingless : 5. The Scream

Very true! Great comment :)

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travelling in Thailand and can't wait to go home so I can buy book two hahaha love your work x