It's been two years since I first popped up on this wonderful website, so I figured I should update my info. I'm twenty-two years old and I love words. Even though the first part of that sentence changes all the time, the latter never seems to do so. I love reading books, hearing spoken word, writing books, writing songs, and reading short stories. I adore language. That's all there is to it.

This part has always been on my info page, but it's still true, so I won't try to fix what isn't broken:
"I write YA specifically because it catches these characters at the most pivotal, tumultuous, difficult point in their lives. These heroes and heroines are having to be heroes and heroines at such a young age. They are put through hardships when they are also trying to learn how to deal with emotions they’ve never felt. It’s so admirable."

P.S. I'm love to read your thoughts and respond to your questions. Please don't feel awkward about starting a conversation with me. 
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Charlie is in serious hot water. After a naked girl falls from the sky, lands on his lawn, and claims t...

The Deaths of Me

The Deaths of Me

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I know you must get ladled with questions all the time.... But i have read both wingless and displaced. And i wondered if you were planning on writing the third one..... And when we could be expecting it? 
CydneyLawson commented on Wingless - 5. The Scream

            I watched Charlie. I tried to decipher him with my eyes instead of my ears. Without questioning myself, I pulled my body closer to his.
@rice2020 *singing* Don't go breakin' my Chane....I couldn't if I tried...
CydneyLawson commented on Wingless - 10. The Septar

Sighing, I pulled on my old sling-bag and headed upstairs. The urge to run back and take Tane with me almost swallowed me whole. I bit my tongue hard until I could taste the copper. 
Actually, science time! Your taste buds are different than anyone else's taste buds! Hence why you may like a certain kind of chocolate over others or hate pepperonis, etc! However, to most people, blood DOES taste metallic and here's why:
The part of your buds that picks up the metallic taste is the bitter receptors! The bitter taste bud receptor has a sensitivity of being able to detect the particles in a 0.000008 M solution.
If I remember my chemistry correctly you would detect .000447 grams of iron in one liter of water. There is about half a gram of iron per liter of blood.
It could also be the fact that iron in its oxidative state when bound to hemoglobin (Ferrous II) reacts with fats and produces a volatile odor that we register as a metallic taste. Our smell is even more sensitive than our taste so a small amount of iron should produce the metallic taste.
It seems like it is a mix of flavor and smell that causes the metallic taste. Ferrous II iron causes the strongest metallic flavor according to the study; the amount of iron in your blood is far above the your thresholds for taste and smell.
So if blood doesn't taste metallic to you, that's an awesome oddity and you should be super stoked that you're unique!
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It was released. The Feeder ripped out of its cage and thundered toward me. I moved to step forward to fight like I'd been ordered. Before I could do anything, Gaius tossed me backwards and sprinted...
True, but if it was the person you were supposed to protect say a little sister, you might not let them jump into the ring with a ravenous people eater, either :)
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I shouldn't have been surprised when Tane opened the closet door and a bloodied, dead Feeder flopped out, thumping on my carpet. But I jumped back and shouted anyway, grabbing my old tee-ball bat fro...
@TulliaSophie AU where Tane only picks up human slang. *dead body flops out of Charlie's closet* Charlie: AHHH WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL! Tane: I think it would be a much more advantageous strategy for you to, as you would say, take a pill for chilling. xD
JUST FINISHES THE TWO BOOKS AND IT WAS AMAZING! Amazing writing! First Chapter and I was hooked! :) It was the first time I actually purchased an e-book online and no regrets! When's the 3rd book????