Hiya, my name is Caitlin and I'm a lazy teenager. Yep, that's all you really need to know about me, but since I'm currently procrastinating with my exams, here's a little bit more.

My favorite color is red, my top two bands are All Time Low and My Chemical Romance, I read a lot, I watch a lot of TV shows, I love Marvel and basically anything super hero related, I'm secretly Batman and thank you for reading this.

- Caitlin


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Danger Magnets (1D)

Social data: 163K reads. 5.5K votes. 1K comments.

Description: Caitlin and Diana are quite the odd one's out, always have been, always will be. Ever since they met each other they became stuck to the other as they go through life, one as a professional secretary and the other as an lead singer and owner of a '...

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YeseniaGarcia8 posted a message to Claire_201
hi i just wanted to dedicated you one of my story cause ur mostly one of the people here on wattpad that i love and im your biggest fan on the story 'Kidnapped by one direction' and 'Anna and her boys'
KendraMason posted a message to Claire_201
Hi Caitlin! I was reading your story and I saw something about quotev.. I am also on there's my name is xAshyIsDaBaex I'll follow you if you follow back? Just message me your name and I'll follow you!
Emmatallulah posted a message to Claire_201
Girl, I LOVE YOUR WORK! And I hope you always remeber to look forward into the future, but if you do look back, don't look into the shadows. Look up. We are all right here, ready to push you forward or catch you if you stumble.
LauraTomasetti posted a message to Claire_201
awlllllll ctlin that is so sad i hope you're grand parnts get beter and that youre family stopes the worled wore 3 and i hope you are ok please get beter and not be depresid and i love you're story it is truly amazing and please take you're time with dateing the story again i hope everything gets beter and also stufe at school.
Moonbexms posted a message to Claire_201
I love you a lot and I know what it's like to battle the never ending war know as depression. But you can do it. I'm very sorry to hear about your grandparents and I wish you the best of luck. Family fued used to just be a game to me but now I know how serious it is so I know how aphard it is to cHose sides when your family is at war with its self but know that it gets better. I love you a lot. Best wishes. Stay strong baby. Xx