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Hiya, my name is Caitlin and I'm a lazy teenager. Yep, that's all you really need to know about me, but since I'm currently procrastinating with my exams, here's a little bit more.

My favorite color is red, my top two bands are All Time Low and My Chemical Romance, I read a lot, I watch a lot of TV shows, I love Marvel and basically anything super hero related, I'm secretly Batman and thank you for reading this.

- Caitlin


Facebook page: Wattpad: Claire_201 (Caitlin)
Polyvore: thecrazytealady
Tumblr: thecrazytealady
Twitter: TheOreoQueen_


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Pyro (Spencer Reid)

Pyro (Spencer Reid)

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Aug 25, 2014PG-13
1,573 reads votes 74 comments 11
Little Holmes (Sherlock BBC)

Little Holmes (Sherlock BBC)

1 page, updated Aug 24, 2014
78 reads votes 10 comments 2
Changing Their Hearts (OHSHC)

Changing Their Hearts (OHSHC)

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Aug 22, 2014
Miku Fujioka is Haruhi Fujioka's twin, together they even out one another's personalities, one is a workaholic and the other is the last minute kind of gal. ... read more
370 reads votes 25 comments 4
The Friend Zone. (5SOS)

The Friend Zone. (5SOS)

1 page, updated Aug 22, 2014PG-13
229 reads votes 31 comments 5
That Girl. (Hikaru Hitachiin)

That Girl. (Hikaru Hitachiin)

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 15, 2014
492 reads votes 32 comments 13
Anna And Her Boys (Sequel)

Anna And Her Boys (Sequel)

15 parts / 72 pages, updated Aug 14, 2014PG-13
Annabelle Davis is now different from when she left her boys, she's two years older, mature and does everything 'Team Management' tell her to do. But her life h... read more
710,709 reads votes 23,127 comments 22,377
The Cousin. (Criminal Minds)

The Cousin. (Criminal Minds)

1 page, updated Aug 14, 2014
115 reads votes 8 comments 3
JJ's Assistant (Spencer Reid)

JJ's Assistant (Spencer Reid)

1 page, updated Aug 13, 2014
100 reads votes 8 comments 2
Survive. (Daryl Dixon)

Survive. (Daryl Dixon)

1 page, updated Aug 12, 2014
177 reads votes 10 comments 4
The Traveler. (H.S.)

The Traveler. (H.S.)

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Aug 07, 2014PG-13
* H A R R Y * S T Y L E S * F A N F I C T I O N * “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine Ronnie is looking for an adven... read more
855 reads votes 73 comments 19
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I need to stop procrastinating and sleep XD
Little Holmes (Sherlock BBC)

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Anna And Her Boys (Sequel)

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Anna And Her Boys (Sequel)

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Anna And Her Boys (Sequel)

Anna And Her Boys (Sequel)