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Boudoir Secrets
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Boudoir Secrets 2
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Dinner with a vampire. Did I...
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Micah Book 13
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Really, you can't be serious? I was writing creepier before I even understood what demented thoughts actually were.
this will disturb you

I can't find book2 did it get deleted?
Dragon of Legend; Destiny (...

Finish it please! I had the paper copy but it got ruined and I was actually about where this one leaves off in my copy
Micah Book 13

@canse12 Twilight has nothing on "Dinner..."
The Dark Heroine: Dinner Wi...

@FarhanaHussain Paperback? Are you kidding me? Hardback with an "awarded bestselling seller" line printed on the front cover
The Dark Heroine: Dinner Wi...