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Hi guys! The name's Teenu. I love, love, love writing. I've started a novel but I want to do something more. I love, love, love Cobra Starship and I love, love, love music and arts. I'm really cool and I'll be your biggest fan if I fall in love with your story. I love, love, love laughing. So I like funny stories. I really nice to hang out with and I write to local mags every week. But you can't see them because I'm in the UAE. That's it about me!


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She hates fame. She hates cameras. She hates donuts. Carter is like no other American, and lives in a sprawling, fame-crazed city. Her family hides a dark secret that will ... read more
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Thieves cause thefts

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Thank you for dedicating it to me! And keep going, it's great! ;)
Thieves cause thefts

i like this story's plot.!!!!!!!!!
Hey, Mr. Gangster!

guys comment! i want to read your comments! tell me if it is nice to read!!!!!!!
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i actually dreamt this story, but it does need an intro, so this is the intro!
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i love this
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