Hey there. So, you've clicked on this to take a look at my stories or you're on here for some other reason. 
      Either way, I'm happy you are here! 
      I guess you want to know a bit about me, hence this little thing. So, things I like...
      Genres of books: I like angst-y romances and a few well written vampire books. I'm mostly into horror and humor, though. 
      Things I value most: 
      -My family and friends
      -My dog and cat.
      -My guitar and music. 
      -Freedom to be who you want to be. 
      -Animal rights and human rights. 
      Anyway, I guess that's all I can tell you at the moment. Check back later and I should have some stories posted, hopefully. 
      Thanks for stopping by!
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Renascentia -Rebirth-

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Description: Hayley drowned herself, not wanting to be alive anymore. But, Richard, or Rick, isn't going to allow that to happen. Rick is a vampire that "specializes" is suicides. He lets them take their life, then turns them into vampire to make them live forev...

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