Hey! The name is obvious but for those who don't see it up there, It's Caitlin. 

My writing is importanat to me, I started writing just a litle bit ago and my friend practically begged me to get an account and post my stuff. I am a very shy girl and it was very hard to post my work. I am not very good with criticism  but criticism is very importanat. Without it you will never know if you are truely good or not. 

If there is anything more you would like to know just ask and I will more than likely tell you the answer, I am a BIG fan of telling the truth and not caring what the question is.
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Escaping this Fate

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Description: There is Jennifer, the shy quiet girl in the pack but also the Omega. She is the lowest ranking member in the Shadow Valley Pack, every one treats her like dirt and say they don't need her. The only wolves that respected her and treated her well w...


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I'm back people. I've been really focused on my first couple weeks in college and now i'm sick. So since i've completed my homework, I can sit and write now but my brain is limited to too much. Its not a hundred percent there
I was in the process of editing it but got distracted with my other stories. Right now I'm figuring out college stuff since I start soon so writing is on hold for a bit. I will go through that story right now and edit/add things while I have some free time though, speed up the process