So I am 16 and my best friend is crazy right? I love to write and I am bisexual. I found out in seventh grade and I am a Junior! Whoo!
I am from Georgia but moved to Colorado when I was 4 and a half, I visit Georgia when possible cause I have bunches of family down there. I moved to Texas 5 years ago though so ya.
I just broke up with my jerk of a boyfriend and am super happy about it and so is my best friend.
I love country and emo rock music, I know totally different but oh well. I also love getting followers and reads and comments. You can all see what I look like from my picture. But I can tell you that I have a happy and bubbly attitude but everyone say my eyes speak for me and they say I'm sad all the time (shut up eyes!!) Anyways hope you like me! Cause I love all yous!!!!!!!
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The Little Wolf's Mate

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Description: I have no idea what this is going to be about, but let me tell you that its a story that is meant to change the way people judge others. Don't just assume something about someone. Now I think this is probably one of my best works so far and I'm thin...

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