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My name is Beth (as you may of guessed)
And i have blonde hair (You may of guessed that too)
I am 13 (yes, yes i am) and i live in england, On the south coast!
I can answer any questions that you want to ask me just as long as they are not to personal! :)
Enjoy xx


The Lost Boy.

The Lost Boy.

1 page, updated Oct 11, 2011G
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The Girl Who Waited....

The Girl Who Waited....

1 page, updated Aug 26, 2011G
tags / amy pond
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The NightMare- The preview~

The NightMare- The preview~

1 page, updated Aug 23, 2011PG
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Best author ever!! :)
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That is so totally true!!
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That picture is from "Bruce Almighty" Great film... And yes, he is one of the greatest black stars of all time!!!
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