“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”  
― Sylvia Plath,

I'm Bel, 20-something and I live in Chile. English is my second language so bear with me.
I enjoy long nights watching Korean dramas and animes. 
A good book and a cup of tea are my homies.


What do you use to make your covers?
         Adobe photoshop CS6. However I don't make the drawings.

May I translate your story?
         Sure, but I would like you to do this:
 #1 give credit. You're translating, not writing the story. It needs to be stated I wrote it.
 #2 don't change content (like names or events) just translate.
 #3 let me know (via DM or dedication) when you start to add your story to the reading list.

Would you make me a cover?
         I'm not accepting requests at the moment. Sorry.

Would you write me a story?
         same answer as the previous one.

Would you read my story?
         I doubt I can due to time issues, plus, I rather read finished and published books so I can improve. I'm sorry.

Would you tell your followers to read my story?
         I'm not a living advertising, please don't use me that way.

Would you follow me back?
         I only follow the authors I read so my newsfeed is not a mess and I actually can read it.

How did you get such numbers?
         I was lucky. Right time, right place I guess.


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Description: Rumour has it that a new guy is joining our class this year. All the girls are going crazy, imagining all the case scenarios from cliché YA books: mysterious, rebel, bad boy, werewolf, fallen angel, even vampire! The worst part, I don’t even think t...

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DerekStone7 posted a message to BelWatson
will you prepare a on shot  for The Comeback in which you can describe some conversation between liam jake and cassie in the next dimension after liam and cassie are dead
However, I am still sad to see him leave. He will forever be an original. My mom tried to crack a joke and said " Your boy band is breaking up. It the final four now" and I went to my room, then cried. He will forever be in my heart, and he won't be forgotten.