Writing has always been a constant in my life. It was what got me through high school and continues to act as my escape while I study at university. 

Now at nineteen, talking about people you've made up in your head isn't commonly regarded as healthy or normal for that matter. Still, I am a strong believer in the truth that normalcy is over rated.

While I am not pursuing a career as an author I am studying costume design and construction at university. Did you expect it to be something conventional? Fabric engineering is fun, dressing people is even more so (as long as you can learn pretty quickly not to have a giggle about it)! My degree is taking me places, to the States mostly and I get to meet a lot of quirky and exciting people. I wonder if I knew, when entering my degree, the bounty of material that lay in store for an aspiring writer?

Anyways, enough about me.

Read. Imagine. Inspire.


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We Who Are Jaded

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Description: "Do you really know Indigo, Evans?" Christine is falling in love with the boy who rescued her from a suicide she doesn't remember attempting. But falling in love has it's consequences - especially when it's with an indigo eyed Lord of the Suicida...

#70 in Paranormal

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Do You Know Indigo?

Do You Know Indigo?

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“Do You Know Indigo? Regretfully I do”. Christine Evans tried to kill herself. She doesn't remember why...

#88 in Paranormal


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Feste was running, like the fool his name implied. He had nothing behind him and nothing before him. The...

Little Miss Frosty

Little Miss Frosty

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In a world just beyond where you can see dwells Little Miss Frosty. It's been a slow week and times in D...

The Lass Who Wandered: An Unconventional Diary

The Lass Who Wandered: An Unconventional Diary

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A probably incomprehensible account of some of the adventures and ramblings of a lass who just can't sit...

Crazy_author231 posted a message to BekahEva
Hi! Hope you're enjoying your trip :) 
      I was just wondering if you'd like to take part in my writing contest? Entries should be submitted by June 20th and must be a maximum of 1,000 words. If you're interested, the details are in the link below :)
      Have a nice day! 
I know, I know don't freak out...there is a "Who Who Are Jaded" update. I wasn't lying when I said it would be slow but I'm trying to juggle writing "Humble" and editing "The Colours Of Us" series as well. I don't know how other writers do it! 
      So just a life update I guess...
      I'm in Virginia at the moment (well until August 11th) staying with my wonderful host family while I do some theatre fun stuff and generally be a tourist which takes up more time than you think! I'm also a home bird who is missing her family and boyfriend (yes...that's a thing and I miss him more than I can really begin to express) which takes up a lot of time just generally communicating. But hopefully as being Scottish become less of a novelty where I am, writing will come back on the agenda. I'm not sure who I'm trying to convince, you or myself... 
      Anyhow, how are you all doing? Please let me know! I love chatting with you all but of course you know that already and let me know what you think of the latest instalment. 
      Much love, 
      Bekah x
So I need to enlist the help of all the Indigo's out there. There's a competition coming up that I want to enter the first three chapters of "Do You Know Indigo?" into. My brother, sister and I have done a read through and I've posted the tweaked versions right here on Wattpad. So what is need you wonderful people to do, if you have a moment, is to give those dusty old chapters a read for any mistakes! 
      I know I'm asking so much of already wonderful, supportive fans but you have no idea how much I would appreciate this! 
      Much love Indigo-gos 
      Bekah x 
      P.S For those who may be interested. Here is the competition. You have week...ish!  
BekahEva commented on Do You Know Indigo? - Epilogue

Would this help a little? 
      1. WHY does Red, and Indigo BOTH want her? What's so special about this chick ? Does she have a secret power or some other thing we don't know about...
      Answer: It is not by chance that Red and Indigo both want her. There is a reason for this that would give away the second and third book so I can't tell you. I'm sorry =( 
      2. WHY did she commit suicide. She doesn't know but I thought we would find out.
      Answer: Again, this answer will become clear in the following books. It's one of the reasons that drives Christine forward, finding out what it was all for. 
      3. And who the hell is RED???// 
      Answer: Someone who you don't really know yet...
      4. And what is up with Tom's weird behaviour?
      Answer: There is a sane explanation for this too but (I am really sorry to sound like a broken record) you won't find out until the next books. 
      5. Her relationship with her counciler?/ her mum/ where the heck did her other friends disappear off too. Not great friends if you ask me.
      Answer: From personal experience, its hard to understand and respect others when you don't respect yourself. One of Chris' biggest obstacles is not knowing herself and that has a big impact on her relationships unfortunately. 
      6. What happened to her smelling Kieran and getting intense bruises??
      Answer: The novelty wears off when it comes to the smell - as it does in reality. It's still there but Chris just accepts it as a part of Kieran. 
      Following the events of (and don't quote me on this) chapter nineteen when Kieran takes Chris out playing softball, he truly sees and understands the affect his touch has on Chris physically so he learns to control it.  He isn't physically in contact enough with others to realise this is even a problem beforehand.  
      7. Will it be answered in the sequel?! :(
      Answer: Yes and no. There are four books in the series so some questions will be answered but not all I'm afraid! 
      I hope this helped!
      Bekah x