Writing has always been a constant in my life. It was what got me through high school and continues to act as my escape while I study at university. 

Now at nineteen, talking about people you've made up in your head isn't commonly regarded as healthy or normal for that matter. Still, I am a strong believer in the truth that normalcy is over rated.

While I am not pursuing a career as an author I am studying costume design and construction at university. Did you expect it to be something conventional? Fabric engineering is fun, dressing people is even more so (as long as you can learn pretty quickly not to have a giggle about it)! My degree is taking me places, to the States mostly and I get to meet a lot of quirky and exciting people. I wonder if I knew, when entering my degree, the bounty of material that lay in store for an aspiring writer?

Anyways, enough about me.

Read. Imagine. Inspire.


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We Who Are Jaded

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Description: "Do you really know Indigo, Evans?" Christine is falling in love with the boy who rescued her from a suicide she doesn't remember attempting. But falling in love has it's consequences - especially when it's with an indigo eyed Lord of the Suicida...

#765 in Paranormal

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Feste was running, like the fool his name implied. He had nothing behind him and nothing before him. The...

Do You Know Indigo?

Do You Know Indigo?

157K 8.9K 1.3K

“Do You Know Indigo? Regretfully I do”. Christine Evans tried to kill herself. She doesn't remember why...

#118 in Paranormal
Little Miss Frosty

Little Miss Frosty

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In a world just beyond where you can see dwells Little Miss Frosty. It's been a slow week and times in D...

The Lass Who Wandered: An Unconventional Diary

The Lass Who Wandered: An Unconventional Diary

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A probably incomprehensible account of some of the adventures and ramblings of a lass who just can't sit...

BekahEva commented on Fragile - The Encounter

I love this first chapter. When they say openings should have a hook you certainly threw a left one. I am intrigued by the shadow attaining an identity of its own - is it psychological or paranormal? Only time will tell. 
      Reading your story is effortless as you have a grasp of grammar and spelling and punctuation and anyone who knows me knows how difficult I find reading books where my mind is having to pick up after the author (I am a culprit of this though, I must admit!). 
      You are a really talented writer and I like that you've used a very relate-able writer characteristic of talking to characters - I know I was laughing because it sounds just like Kieran and Chris, you can never keep your characters happy. 
      I cannot wait for more, I feel this may be a book to watch =) x
BekahEva commented on Lazy Daisy - Chapter 1

Gwen is absolutely right, you are very articulate and good with your grammar which is sometimes under rated on Wattpad. I find stories I can read without falling over grammatical mistakes are a turn off. 
      The flow of your dialogue is also really good, the conversation flows and feels very natural between the characters. You re also effectively using dialogue to tell us about your characters which is really mature in writing and I for one wish I was better at! 
      I think, personally, I would enjoy it more if you took longer to go from the A to the B of things...by which I mean that we go from one thing to another very quickly. So we pick up Marina and then it isn't long before we're at Nona's which might be on purpose but you're a talented writer so I want you to describe the journey, about Marina's habits in the car and why she is so important - use the time to describe the contexts of the moment and Daisy and Marina's friendship. 
      This will sound strange but you have the talent to drag things out a little more so don't be afraid to describe. Engage the five sense, how do things look, smell, feel etc. 
      I hope this was helpful and makes sense!