Writing has always been a constant in my life. It was what got me through high school and continues to act as my escape while I study at university. 

Now at nineteen, talking about people you've made up in your head isn't commonly regarded as healthy or normal for that matter. Still, I am a strong believer in the truth that normalcy is over rated.

While I am not pursuing a career as an author I am studying costume design and construction at university. Did you expect it to be something conventional? Fabric engineering is fun, dressing people is even more so (as long as you can learn pretty quickly not to have a giggle about it)! My degree is taking me places, to the States mostly and I get to meet a lot of quirky and exciting people. I wonder if I knew, when entering my degree, the bounty of material that lay in store for an aspiring writer? 

Anyways, enough about me. 

Read. Imagine. Inspire. 


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Description: Feste was running, like the fool his name implied. He had nothing behind him and nothing before him. The universe, in all its might, had all but seemed to have forgotten about him. Yet, the aquamarine umbrella with tartan boots remembered. The umbr...

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Do You Know Indigo?

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"Do You Know Indigo? Regretfully I do." Christine Evans tried to kill herself. She doesn't remember why...

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The Lass Who Wandered: An Unconventional Diary

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A probably incomprehensible account of some of the adventures and ramblings of a lass who just can't sit...

There is such emotional turmoil going on and its delcious. I am so conflicted about what to feel. For some reason I can't get passed Brandon cheating and think CeeCee shouldn't risk her heart but then the obviously love one another. Caiden and Hailey are a different ball game, they are seriously holding back and I know that if Caiden isn't careful she will run again and never go back. What I wonder is if Kirsten does know about the kiss or if its just the book. Ooh imagine the drama! Love it Alex! As per usual.You have no idea how excited I was to get the update!

I don't know about you readers but I believe Chris may be in the middle of a love triangle...square? Who knows? I hope you enjoyed this chapter and will let me know what you think by commenting, conv...
No I really love comments like this because it makes me really think about situations and whether or not they have believability. I think as a really lame and probably not good enough answer, I would say that Kieran just accepted to an extent that there was something about Chris that allowed her to see him (which is explained in book 3) and that was reason enough to be interested in her. That fact of the matter is, it shouldn't have been easy for Chris to find out what Kieran was - a point blank definition. All I will say is it is no coincidence this happens and leave it at that. Please feel free to hit me over the head if none of this is making any sense... =P

I don't know about you readers but I believe Chris may be in the middle of a love triangle...square? Who knows? I hope you enjoyed this chapter and will let me know what you think by commenting, conv...
@JennaRheedPoole It's a fair point indeed Jenna :D I suppose its determining what defines "knows" if that makes sense. In the first chapter Kieran say something like "perhaps you don't know what I am but you can certainly see me" so Chris does not know what Kieran is at that point but she can see him. By this point she has discovered his true identity but not disclosed that with Kieran but Sophia can tell from her body language and interactions. Does that make sense? Probably not and if not thank you so much for pointing it out - I'll have to do something about it! :D
Thank you to @awwthentic for the opportunity to be interviewed. She is lovely so please give her work a read or even a wee cheeky follow. 

If you have ever wondered about the goings on behind the pages of "Do You Know Indigo?" I would say this interview is worth a read. And if there is a question you have that I haven't answered in this interview please feel free to send me a message! 

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