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I'm a simple maths geek who loves books more than I love people. 
I'm the type of person you'll find always find reading, whether it's at home, at school or at a party. I currently live in the Caribbean, sucks for me though, because there's so little libraries here that sell books in English, they're mostly in French, so I usually rely on online reading or ordering books. That's why Wattpad and I are like best friends, until my battery life reaches 0%.
NOT ASHAMED TO GO INTO THE YA AND ROMANCE SECTION! (you shouldn't be either, cool people go there)

French, Dutch & English (cool, huh?)

I love learning different languages (I know about 5 or so, at the moment). I'll be studying Astronomy and Psychology next year,  preferably in the Netherlands.
Although reading is a passion, I don't trust my writing skills. Severe love for anime and manga, Japanese culture yeahh.

If I don't 'click' with a story from the beginning, it's hard for me to continue reading and I just forget about the book..  

I fangirl a lot, so much that sometimes while reading I have to go take a break. Clichés are nice, but originality is fabulous.

ALSO: I detest text chat, like why can't you spend another 10 seconds to correctly type? It's a pet peeve, don't blame me.

ed sheeran x sam smith x bastille x john newman. 

I have no idea what else to say. Bye? Bye. FEEL FREE TO HOLLAAA.
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Sounds like me.
Madness In Literature

Oh gee. Glasses/Books/Adorable. k no, I'd like to order a Noah, please. SHIP HIM TO MY HOUSE.
Noah and Leigh

@BeforeTheSun bahaha, honestly this is so me.
Billionaire's Ex-Wife.

"He was dead though." Like.. really? Hahaha.
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