Hey everyone thanks for making it to my profile. First off let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 31 year old female and mother of six beautiful kids who inspire me everyday to achieve all my highest goals. I have a loving fiance who has been in my life and has also made every aspect of the person I call SHAWNA even better. When you have love the skies the limit. 
I am a new writer who was sitting at home talking my Man and had the sudden urge to just write down whatever was in my head and that's when a couple story ideas popped out. I have always been passionate about writing poems when I'm sad or depressed it was my form of working through my trials. I have noticed in the last couple months how fun writing stories has been and I'm hoping to take it to the next level and to get my stories or poems heard.
 I am a woman after my own heart.... so this is how I have decided to get into my heart.... whenever I read a book I always thought why couldn't they add this or why couldn't they do this... so I am writing my book like how i would like it and not have to wonder what ifs....
I am my own hardest critic.... but i value the true critic the world.... so please give me constructive criticism never know it might actually show up somewhere down the line....
I love fans so please be mine....
I am too like the rest out there in the writer world and have goals that I have set for myself but my goals are set more on the fans and reads. If my book gets reads than maybe they will become my fans and follow my book or even maybe check out the next one that I will be writing. Don't get me wrong voting is very important but to me writing a book isn't a popularity contest its to get your words out there and to have your words heard in your state of mind. 
Well Thank you so much for checking this out and for reading my books and I do look forward to hearing from each and everyone one of you out there so please feel free to comment or send a message....
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