Hi I'm Madison..... A little about me I'm short only 5'1, I love Lost Silver you mess with me and bad things will happen I know how to hide a body...... follow me and Hannah we are awesome and we are unicorns..... my personal account is @Ghost_In_The_Wall follow me I'M AWES0ME Read my stories  I'm shy like Hannah but once you meet us were crazy I may be quiet but my momma told me to only say nice things I am a green and blue unicorn with a matching mane my eyes are silver so basically I like those colors PEACE BITCHES @@@ BTW I'm on the top in the pic thingy Hannah's the bottom @@@
                                                                 We Both Like 
                                                                 One Direction 
                                                                  Pierce The Veil 
                                                              Our AWESOME followers 
                                        Madison knows how to hide a body and likes creepypastas 3:) 
                                                                  SaRcAsM is used
                                  CAPS R USED IF TALKIND TO MRS. PETER PAN a.k.a MaDiSoN
      Hey I'm Hannah, I'm 5'3 brown hair green eyes kinda girl,kinda shy at first but when you get to know me I'm crazy and weird. I LOVE CANDY! Imma blue unicorn with rainbow colored hair. I may be quiet but NO ONE plans murder out loud. Follow me and Madison we are pretty Awesome if ya know what i mean. My personal account is @Sleeping_With_Hannah follow me I'M AWESOME read my stories. UNICORN OUT!
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Description: The year is 3012, the year of the villains. One day while Dr. Venom was working on the genes of humans, he accidently infused a high dose of Ultrazoin Zextrious a super human hormone into Lyric Beat and Lilyana later to be known as The Dragonfly. T...