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Hey, i'm Jazmin :)

I'm 15

I love reading, listening to music and hanging with my friends as well as writing books(although I never have time).

Things I love:
~Marianas Trench
~The Mall
~Imagine Dragons
~The Mortal Instruments&Infernal Devices
~Blood Red Road
~Down With Webster
~Never Shout Never
~Marianas trench
~My Friends
~Big Bang Theory
~Sarah Dessen Books

I an also a nerdfighter(whoo, DFTBA) and like watching random vids on utube&watching movies at the movie theatre. Book to movie adaptations worry me because I don't want people to ruin the book for me, but i'm super excited for the City of Bones movie! I am a total nerd and I suck at making friends and stuff. I am also super awkward and...that's pretty much me.


Werewolf roleplay

Werewolf roleplay

3 parts / 1 page, updated Jul 17, 2013PG-13
tags / join roleplay
202 reads votes 2 comments 136
What Night Brings

What Night Brings

10 parts / 9 pages, updated Jul 16, 2013
Natalie Simmons has just turned 18 and is finally old enough to move out, something she didn't take long to do. She is an author and while trying to write a book she deci... read more
2,122 reads votes 55 comments 44
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