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Name Brooke Estrada
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Hi guys, I'm Brooke.
I hope to become an author or an actress once I become an adult.
My lucky number is 16.
My favorite animal is a panda.
My favorite color is neon blue.
I am addicted to k-pop. It is the drug you can't say no to.
My ultimate bias is Key from SHINee ;3
I am shy and quiet at first, but it's kinda hard to get me to shut up once you know me.
I am Mexican-American (50% Mexican, 50% Caucasian)
I'm a weird person that loves to laugh with friends especially this friend ---> @NikoruChan <--- go follow her please :)
I am a friendly person, and I get lonely, so feel free to either leave me something on my message board or send a message to my inbox :)
And if you're writing a k-pop story, tell me about it and I'll check it out whenever I can :)

Biases ;)
B.A.P- Himchan
Bigbang- T.O.P
Teen Top- C.A.P
SHINee- Key
Super Junior- Donghae and Sungmin
MBLAQ- Lee Joon
B1A4- Baro

I ship JongKey <3

My Works:
Misunderstood Eyes (A SHINee Fan Fiction ft. other k-pop groups) [IN THE PROCESS OF CREATION!!!]
Famous People's Problems (A SHINee Fan Fiction) [UPDATE IN PROGRESS]
Reconnect (Original Story) [ON HOLD]
Take Me Home (One Direction Fan Fiction) [ON HOLD]
Guess What I Did Today? (Personal Journal) [ON HOLD]

Follow me on Twitter:
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Follow me on Instagram: my user is brookeestrada
My collaboration account with @Nikoruchan: @AwkwardChan

Well, I'm not exactly sure what else to say :/ But yeah... I get awkward pretty easily..
Bye guysssss :)

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