I grew up with dyslexia & wasn't diagnosed til I was 13.  I spent the next few years finally learning how to read.

My favorite genres are suspense, paranormal, adventure & some romance if it's a sub genre.

I've enjoyed writing since I was 15.

I'm married to the man that stole my heart & thankfully never gave it back, he gave me his instead.

I am not good at editing but I do try (usually). I can't spell. I apologize if it makes my works harder to read, just try to bare with me & point out mistakes as you see them.

If I come to your profile, read your work, I will let you know what I think. I won't give you platitudes. I'll be honest. I don't want to hurt your feelings but I think being honest & letting you know where your mistakes are, will make you a better writer. I expect the same RESPECT from my readers.

I don't worry so much about spelling as much as I do punctuation, grammar, paragraph definition, speech definition, as well as theme & readability. I know that I make mistakes & I'm more than willing to listen to your ideas & work on the corrections.

I do take Reading requests, but please keep in mind that I will give honest responses. My reading list is extensive but I will get to all request as soon as I can.

Note: I'm not to fond of novels with multiple POVs. I think it is much more practical ( easier to understand and follow ) to write them in either 1 or 2 POVs or in third person if you must switch character perspective often. I will read them upon request but I will still be honest with my comments.


Read, vote, comment, add to your library.

My work is my own, do not plagiarize me. You may use my work to stimulate your muse... however do not copy it in any form now known or unknown.

Follow me if you want an opinion on your work.
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