Nice to meet you all

I love music, poetry, stories, gardening, animals, nature, anime, manga, learning new things, anything that has value that goes unnoticed (generally most of the times, not on purpose though) by most people 

I value the things that are wonderful, peaceful, calm, beautiful, interesting which make people happy and inspired.

I like day dreaming and imagination.

I read a lot, I write a lot, every genre, every work 
And all of them (not just poems, stories) hold memories, precious feelings, emotions and I respect that a lot

I like making friends.

I love listening to people and silence much more than talking. I guess I prefer writing.

I value love, truth, friendship, music, worship, trust, belief, hope, poetry, learning, nature, reading, writing... :D

And I hope people don't use the works here (not just mine) without permission, all the works have a lot of hard work, research, emotions, feelings, dreams involved in them ^^ :)

Thank you
Hope to improve my works
Hope to be a good friend to you
Thank you to the people who have taken their time to read my stuffs here
Your feedback is always welcome so that I can improve

Take care

I accept things... I don't mind whether love is between boy-boy, boy-girl, girl-girl, love is love no matter what, gender or relation or barriers don't matter... hope everyone in the world can find their love, safety and happiness even though it might sound naive, it might be possible if we try. After all we can make the world a better place or a bad place.
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The Bright Light For Everyone

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Description: Hyuu~!^^ SUMMARY The Kurosaki and Kuran family have been good friends for a long time, the young ones of the family go to the same school and share a beautiful bond with each other. Will that develop into something more? And will the relationships...

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A Best Friend

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You can try to not see the things you don't like by closing your eyes, to stop hearing the things you hate by plugging your ears, not respond to people you feel uncomfortable around by staying quiet... but can you control your thoughts, your heart from feeling?