Status: When I have you next to me, what use do I have for the unwanted things? Can my soul find refuge in your heartbeat and eyes? Can my life be destroyed in your sweet love? Hyuu~!^^ (1 year ago)


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Nice to meet you all

I love music, poetry, stories, gardening, animals, nature, anime, manga anything that has value that goes unnoticed (generally usually most of the times, not on purpose though) by most people 

I value the things that are wonderful, peaceful, calm, beautful, intersting which make people happy inspiring them, satisfying them...

I read a lot, I write a lot, every genre, every work 
And all of them (not just poems, stories and readable stuffs) hold memories, precious feelings, emotions and I respect that a lot

I like making friends but it is hard to understand me

I love listening to people and helping them

Those who get to know me well say that I am nice - even though I dont like talking about myself XD >< - though I wonder if that shows well...

I love animes, mangas...

I love silence a lot, I don't talk much but I write a lot to make up for that XD

I value love, truth, friendship, music, worship, trust, belief, hope, poetry, nature, reading, writing... :D

And I hope people don't use the works here (not just mine) without permission, all the works have a lot of hard work, research, emotions, feelings, dreams involved in them ^^ :)

Thank you
Hope to improve my works
Hope to be a good friend to you
Thank you to the people who have taken their time to read my stuffs here
Your feedback is always welcome so that I can improve

Take care



My Gender : Let us just not think about that, if you want me to be your bro I will be, if you want me to be your sis I will be, just don't ask me whether I am a boy or girl... the gender in my wattpad profile may or may not be correct... so yeap, yup...

And also I accept things... I don't mind whether love is between boyboy, boygirl, girlgirl, love is love no matter what, gender or barriers dont matter... hope everyone in the world finds their love, soulmate and live happily, safely, peacefully no matter what! And I hope what I write conveys that ><


The Bright Light For Everyone

The Bright Light For Everyone

5 parts / 20 pages, updated Jan 14, 2014G
Hyuu~!^^ SUMMARY The Kurosaki and Kuran family have been good friends for a long time, the young ones of the family go to the same school and share a beauti... read more
264 reads votes 7 comments 20
Rain Drops

Rain Drops

1 page, updated Apr 23, 2013G
14 reads votes 2 comments 2
Let Me

Let Me

1 page, updated Dec 31, 2012GCompleted
What would it be like if you were to let me love you, share with you, care for you, take care of you... protect you, want you, cherish you and need you? Would you do the same for me?
14 reads votes 2 comments 1


1 page, updated Jul 12, 2012GCompleted
54 reads votes 3 comments 5
A Best Friend

A Best Friend

1 page, updated May 19, 2012GCompleted
We all wish to have best friends... people who are angels to us till the end... who save us from our darkness, who know our deepest darkest secrets yet keep them safe and don't judge us... this poem is dedicated to them.
104 reads votes 8 comments 9

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Hyuu~!^^ I hope you post more soon!
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Hyuu~!^^ This is beautiful and heartfelt Jess-san... I know that most of the teenage girls or guys can relate to it... It's true and honest... it...
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@JessieWhite Welcome Jess-san ^^ HYuu~!^^ Glad you liked it!
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