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Aria- HEY! This is Aria here! We decided to make this account for both of us and our stories! All the stories we'll post here are ORIGINALS! Don't think we copied or something. We're currently working on a new story and we hope you guys likey!! Anyways, thank you guys so much for fanning and giving compliments on the stories! 
Sally-Hi! Sally here! Other than writing and reading we love making book covers. It's so fun! If you guys need a cover don't hesitate to ask. We will always be up for it. Like Aria said, thanks so much to those who fanned us. We recently entered the Watty awards so if you haven't checked out our story do so. We would really appreciate if you guys gave us feedback. So vote, comment, and fan! 
Aria- We usually read a lot of SciFi and Romance! We're, like, addicted or something. Like, how some people are addicted to Coke and then they get diseases and stuff? Well, we're like that, but I don't think you can get diseases by being addicted to this.
Sally-We’re always reading. Whether it’s on wattpad or an actual book we always have something to read.  We are usually reading different books and trade them when we’re done.  
Aria- So, back to the genres, I'm a sucker for romance. I also love the classics, like: Emma, Little Women, etc. I tried reading Romeo & Juliet but I didn't get anything lol!
Sally- I haven't read any classics. I wouldn't say I don't like them, 'cause I might if I read one. I really dont like non-fiction that much. I prefer fiction.
Aria- Also, be sure to visit my account: AriaLeigh! I have some stories there that I hope you guys like! So, about me: I'mdescribe d as crazy, weird, fun, quirky, psycho... BUT IN A GOOD WAY! 
Sally- I'm pretty much always hyper, weird, and I talk alot!
Aria-  If you guys see me around in chat or something, don't be afraid to talk to me! I'm open 25/8 Sally and I both speak Spanish and English, we're bilingual 
Sally- What she said!
Aria-Now you know about us! LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE! Ciao! LOL, <3 you guys


Englishtown Love

Englishtown Love

9 parts / 12 pages, updated Dec 30, 2011PG-13
401 reads votes 15 comments 9
Stuck In Between

Stuck In Between

21 parts / 12 pages, updated Oct 09, 2011PG-13
Taylor Dubois has live in an orphanage since she was six. Her mom is an Angel, and her dad the Devil. What happens when she meets Bryson, her "other half", when ... read more
3,646 reads votes 145 comments 67

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@ilyk_PLPE we will try really hard to have it up pretty soon.
Stuck In Between

@DazzlingSeaOfBlue we will try our best to have it up soon!
Stuck In Between

@BellaBell @purplecursor @SavyJParker thank you guys! We're hopping to have a new chap in a few days!~S&A
Stuck In Between

Great intro, but watch out for the past and present tense. In one paragraph, you changed from past to present tense. Otherwise, good chapter! :)
Hidden Intent

Good chapter! But instead of writing 'the bat flies' you should write 'the bat flew'. :)
Hidden Intent

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