I've always had a weird imagination. It's actually something I'm proud of. I can see an object, and make a story about it. 

I'm Anna Noel. An 18 year old with huge dreams of becoming a published writer, a criminologist, and a book blogger. One of those things has come true. I am the proud owner of a site called For the Love of Books, which revolves around book reviews, discussions, and a monthly book club. It has a twitter, an instagram, and coming soon, a youtube, attached to it. 

I write because I love to create worlds and people. One of my favorite things to do is put characters in situations and see how they would react. Just Drive is one of the stories that do that. The relationship between Sydney and Jerry is psycological, and in many ways, heart-wrenching. 

How to Write a Christmas Song will hopefully be published by this holiday season. I am in the process of editing it, adding chapters and extras, and I will be soon trying to find a publisher for it. Crossing my fingers 

email me at sarah.anne444@gmail.com
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Cupcakes, City Lights, and Maybe a Cliche Romance

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Description: Nineteen year old Jessy Dawson comes from a small town in Mississippi where if you blink wrong, you're in the outs for the rest of your life. With only one best friend and cooking skills that would put Bobby Flay to the test, Jessy doesn't have many...

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bree-baby posted a message to AnnaNoel
Hey there I'm new to whattpad. I haven't yet written a book due to the fact I suck at making covers. I was just wondering if you could make me a girly cover. The book I'm writing is called "A girls diary". I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out here. :) 
UtsukushiiYuri posted a message to AnnaNoel
I absolutely know just how you feel. I myself lost my own Aunty just a week ago to cancer. Take all the time that you need! Your followers will be here waiting for you and the next updates and posts :)
Hi guys! Thank you all for still reading and commenting, even following, even though I haven't posed for so long. 

I would like to  take this time to ask for some prayers for my aunt. She was diagnosed with lung cancer about a month ago, with tumors all over her body, and the doctors give her about a week more. It's really hard on my whole entire family, she's 46, and we hate seeing her suffer. Please keep her in your prayers as she passes, hoping it won't be painful. I've been close to her, so it's really hard for me, right after my dad was getting better, too. 

Thank you guys so much, and I hope everything is going well. Can't wait to get in touch with everyone again in a month or so, when everything is over and I feel like writing again. It's been a really hard year filled with heartache, and so I hope you all stay with me and know that I appreciate all of you, and that I WILL be back.
Hi. Thank you so much for writing the book about cover making. I read it through and tried to make a cover on pikmonkey but I am having trouble using the website without messing the cover up (much like your problem with Photoshop) I would truly apprieciate it if you could please design a cover for my book, the fandom academy (Lila),  thanks again. Elsariddlehemsworth