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---_αLL αBOUT ME_---

>>` MY HUBBY: Anthony Blαze Yoon Hernαndez of The Arrαnged Mαrriαge by Unnie iceebαby

>>` I αm Kylie Angelique of My Vαlentine Trαgedy ||  Angel Xylα Arellαno of I αm Courting my Geek Professor

                                                          ** I DON'T FAN BACK **
                               ** Heαr me out αt "" **

"I αm just being ME.."

Wαg kαng mαgαlit nα MAGULO αng buhαy mo. Mαlαy mo, sinαdyα lαng ito pαrα AYUSIN ko.

Mαy mgα tαong KÄIBIGÄN kα pαg nαkαhαrαp. Pero pαg nαkαtαlikod kα nα. Mαtαgαl kα nα pα lαng pinαpαngαrαp.

C H Ä L -- K Ä Y O !!
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Sheeeeewt. Cooking Skills ni Xyla. 3< Haha. Ansabe ng pagiging tutor ng magkapatid na Arellaño kay Miss Lisondra? Si Kuya sa acads, si Xyla sa...
I'm courting my geek Professor

Possible na si Nathan ang tatay nung Montezo Twins since si Spencer Adrian ang anak ni Rave. Hahaha. Ang kulet! Parang nagreunion yung mga anak...
Taming Fire

I heart this update. Like really.
I'm courting my geek Professor

Abcdefghjkl! TT___TT Ang hard naman ni Hera at Fire sa isa't - isa. Pero nakakaawa pa rin talaga si Hera. Wala na ngang Fire, mawawalan pa ng...
Taming Fire

Ay. Thank you. May nagbabasa pa pala nito. XD siguro, we assumed a lot. We prioritize things, we thought were ours but it's not. Yung feeling na...
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