I'm 14 years old, and I've been writing stories for...well, as long as I've known how to do it!! 

One thing I want is for people to see my stories and critique me on my writing, even though right now I know I can use some work... but I'm staying dedicated and give it patience, and hopefully one day I'll be selling books all over the world!!... but right now, just tell me what you think, and comment please.? I would really love to hear your opinion. (:

Message me too!! I like meeting new people and if I ever get the chance, I don't mind returning the favor to read yourrrr books as well. (:

Here's some random facts you could probably care less about:

*I'm christian; and happy to be one (:

*I like to sing, draw, dance, write, act, model, play piano, read, and I'm always open to learn and try new things (:

*I LOVE hot sauce. <333

*My favorite colors are: Pink & Blue (cotton candy)

*I like riding roller coasters, and I like to sit in high places, because I feel like I can see the world from up above. 

*I've always loved to meet new people, and I try to find the good in EVERYONE... Idk if you could say that's a good thing though :P haha. Oh well!! (:

*I'm a clean freak. and Loveeee to stay organized

*and I have the SAME exact birthday as my brother and uncle.

***Please vote & comment, and I'll return the favor when I get the chance! I love you guys, have a nice dayy :) <33
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