As you can see, my name is Ashlee. :)

I am a junior in college, striving to acquire my degree in Education, though a big part of me dreams about being a successful writer.

I took down my writings to allow for some extreme editing before moving on (I am a bit of a Nazi with that stuff) but I will begin posting again regularly in December.

Goals for each OotF Chapter (Once I post it again):

Post: Every other Friday (Till the summer)

I deeply appreciate any feedback I can get from anyone, fans or not! And, just a little secret, if you leave a link to a story you want me to look at, I almost always will peek at it. AND I'll leave honest feedback if you simply ask and do the same!

PLEASE look at my contest for the rest of this month! I am super excited to promote one lucky writer, and it could easily be you :)

Thanks so much!*´¨)
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Thanksgiving 2014 Contest

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Happy Early Thanksgiving my lovely friends! For this season I'm going to be doing a small contest :)

Please look at my new "book" to see the instructions for a promotion by yours truly! :)

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