Princess and The Little Ones

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Princess is chosen to become the next Alpha of the world famous Ninjan Pack. She has been trained her whole life to become an elite warrior and the Alpha offer was never something she expected. Her Alpha sends her to spend her last year in a normal high school and socialize with regular people or wolves if you prefer to call them that. 

Adapting to a normal teenage life will be harder than she ever thought because she decides to hide her true identity. She never suspected to find her mate, an arrogant teacher who rejects her because she isn't strong enough for him. But oh is he up for a game, no one rejects a Ninjan pack member and how exactly will he react when he finds out the truth about her?

Princess life is going to be changed forever and she has no clue what’s happening before it’s too late. She becomes a piece in a game she didn’t sign up for and the end result is catastrophic. 

Read on to find out the story about Princess and The Little Ones.

* Wolf Spirit Series Book One *
a few nicknames at school that people name me : Ice Queen, Stone Boob, Lord of our fathers (I still don't get this one.... ), Crusher, Tearless, Wall (originally it was brick wall,)
jeans-on jeans-on 21 days ago
Well when you think about it most high school have 1,000 or more students
jeans-on jeans-on 21 days ago
Me too I don't ever cry it's gotten so bad whenever I yawn my eyes water profusely
Melodico_Lupo Melodico_Lupo a month ago
How is three hundred and forty-three small?! Wow. How big are the other packs?!
TVDandANIMElover TVDandANIMElover 2 months ago
Me too I LOVE this book I may just read it a 3rd maybe 4th possibly a 10th time lets just say I really Really REALLY Like this book... Heheehe... Um... I can be weird sometimes... Ok... *sighs* most of the time... Don't judge people!!! Lols
ansahussain3 ansahussain3 3 months ago
this is sooooo me..... I've tried many times. ... but im told I have a heart of stone. .....  :'(