The Hunger Games - Through the Fire and Flames - Book 1

Aloe Mellark is the daughter to Katniss and Peeta. With her 12th birthday nearing and the Hunger Games soon after the family is on edge. Though it is only her first time to the reaping Katniss and Peeta feel that the odds may be rigged and President Snow may finally have his chance to make them pay for the havock they caused all those years ago. Just as they predicted Aloe was chosen as a tribute for District 12 but so is her old brother River. This time only one will be a champion, the question is who?
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Check out my hunger games fanfic?  New part coming and I promise it is even better then the first! Reads and feed back appreciated! Xx
I'm sorry But didn't Collins said Katniss's daughter's name is Willow while the son is Rye?? Suzanne Collins really said that
but you cant do that! all us hunger game fans cant for get that prim died! we cant forget that Snow died! we cant forget that the games ended! ok? ok.
I thought that the games had been stopped since Katniss and Peeta got rescued from the arena?
Holy sh** I've been wanting to write a story about a brother and sister who are chosen for the hunger games
This is actually really good told all my friends about this they think it's brill x

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